The Tantric Soul Experience

    Not all gay massage in London is created equal. If you’ve had experiences that have let you down and not lived up to expectations, it’s hardly surprising, considering the proliferation of sub-standard establishments with drab, unhygienic surroundings and poorly trained therapists who don’t know what they’re doing.

    Tantric Soul is different. We have a rigorous and stringent vetting process to ensure only the finest men appear in our gallery. All our treatments take place in luxurious, spotless, deluxe premises. Our men are fully trained, exceptionally attractive and enjoyable to be around. They’re kind, intelligent, sensitive, physically strong and in possession of considerable stamina. They’re innately erotic and they know how to bring the same quality out in you. Whether you identify as gay, bi or straight, the Tantric Soul experience can enhance your life, helping you to achieve deeper relaxation and putting you in touch with your inner sensualist.

    What are the available treatments?

    At Tantric Soul, massage treatments come in an array of exciting options; body to body, male tantric massage, tantric soulmate BFE, ultimate gay tantric massage, couple’s experience, four hands, gay nuru, cuddling and, last but not least, tie and tease. If you’ve never experienced gay massage London before, then it makes the most sense to start with the body to body treatment. You will choose a therapist from the gallery of well-built, muscular men and can then arrange to have the experience either at your masseur’s centrally located apartment or at your own home/hotel. Body to body massage begins by both you and your practitioner undressing completely, so that you are entirely in the nude. Our masseurs make it so easy to feel comfortable and secure, so any lingering reservations or self-consciousness about being undressed will evaporate. You’ll feel your therapist’s strong, hot hands working their way around your body, performing a series of Swedish and deep-tissue strokes, alleviating any tension in your body and taking you into deep calm and serenity. Your breathing will slow down and you’ll allow yourself to be held, stoked, cradled, spooned and soothed.

    Body to body massage

    As your breathing slows, your body temperature will warm up thanks to the masterful hands of your therapist. You’ll feel connected and turned on, as the feeling of skin on skin begins to calm and excite you simultaneously. It’s then that the main part of the treatment begins. Your masseur will coat his rippling muscles with an exclusive warm oil formula, designed to increase the sensations when he holds himself against you, using his chiseled body to treat you. He’ll lie above you, using his powerful forearms for balance, and glide around you in a figure of eight, pressing into you to deliver hot, hard, intensely arousing sensations. Closer and closer to the edge he’ll take you, so that you’re awash with the most ecstatic, pre-release feelings. Finally, you and he will reach that point of no going back, and a rainbow-hued explosion of the senses will occur, leaving you breathless, sated and happy.