The Blewit Masturbator is a really interesting piece of kit. Marketed as a ‘Masturbation Training Product’, it’s been designed to perfectly simulate intercourse and, therefore, help your body associate reaching orgasm by means of penetration rather than by wanking. Which, personally, I think is a really good idea. The Blewit’s tagline is BECOME BETTER and I like that too… Anything that encourages sexual confidence is good by me.


    The design of the Blewit is what got my attention; it comes in a bright blue case that’s been made easy-to-hold with a rubberized coating on the outside. The unique ‘swirling’ case is fit to look at, too. It comes ready mounted with a tube inserted down the entry-hole; this is useful for storing it before and after use. It looks like a piece of modern art, so having a Blewit on your bedside table won’t look too conspicuously like a sex toy.

    The Blewit comes with two interchangeable entry rings, so you can choose between a tight entry and an extra-tight entry. These are entered at the top of the sleeve, sliding easily into place. It comes with the tight one already inserted; you’d need to swap it for the ‘extra tight’ if that’s what you want. The internal material is flesh-like and comes in a ‘misty’ clear finish; it feels nice and firm to the touch (not super-soft like some masturbators). The internal sleeve has a textured lining, designed to satisfy your cock as it rubs up and down the shaft.

    I began by lubing myself and my Blewit up using ID Glide Water Based lube (available at There’s a suction control switch on the Blewit’s base that’s at a diagonal angle, making it easy to click on and off. Pushing my dick into my Blewit felt really fucking good, there’s no denying it. I used the tight option, which imitates the feeling of penetrating someone really well. The Blewit can be used by hand, or you can wedge it in somewhere to ‘fuck’ it.

    I find that between the mattress and the bed frame can be good and as the Blewit is rubberised on the outside, it stays in place easier. It doesn’t make those horrible gargle noises that some men’s masturbators make either.

    “Go on, treat yourself to some cock stamina… I personally recommend this one.”

    This is due to the fact that the Blewit’s internal sleeve isn’t removable, so air isn’t travelling between the layers. The Blewit is nice and tight and it feels good grinding up and down your dick. I got close to shooting my load a lot using this toy and found myself having to slow down the pace to take advantage of its purpose as being a stamina trainer. I used my Blewit for a good 30 minutes before cumming.

    This is rare for me as often I find standard masturbators bore me. But something about this toy is just appealing. I didn’t rush myself and I let it build up naturally. The inner sleeve graduates between two textures inside, so it felt really good teasing my dick with both.



    With some men’s masturbators, the orgasm can be a little bit too much. If you have a thicker cock, the tighter the squeeze by some materials can be too intense and actually fuck up your orgasm. This didn’t happen for me with the Blewit. The orgasm was really, really good and was uninterrupted by the fact I was, well, fucking a toy. Clean-up is simple too. The Blewit has a drainage cap at the base that’s gridded so that air can breathe through its shaft.

    Simply run it under a warm tap to get all of the cum out, then spray with a sex toy cleaner, leave to settle in for a bit, then run water through again. I repeat this a few times. Then attach the Blewit’s drainage cap, push the tube down its shaft again and stand it up to dry.

    Do I think that the Blewit can train your cock’s stamina? Yes, absolutely. But you need to add some patience into the mix too. I’ll also be provocative here and say that I preferred the Blewit to any of the Fleshlight products I have used.


    • The Blewit Masturbator costs £54.99 and is available online at and Clonezone stores nationwide.