This month I want to focus on the great range of SEX-cessories from one of my favourite adult toy brands, Nexus. My favourite product from the Nexus range has to be one of their prostate massagers, the Nexus Intense. While most prostate toys focus on the general area, the Nexus Intense has a flat base (unlike others which are arched) and an exaggerated prostate curve that rubs against your prostate spot-on. Not recommended for beginners, the Nexus Intense is my favourite sex toy EVER!


    Without wanting to patronise, this month I’d like to break down some effective accessories and explain why they’re beneficial in the preparation before fucking, during fucking and also after fucking. Nexus has a sleek anal douche, the Enduro cock ring, Nexus Slide lube and Nexus Toy Wash.

    All Nexus accessories arrive in sleek black packaging that makes the very affordable range look very expensive. I’ll begin as I would when prepping for anal – with the douche. In my opinion, a good anal douche is an absolute essential for anyone who ever bottoms.

    I’m a fan of the Nexus douche because of its easy-to-handle size and the good amount of water it holds (224ml). This hand-held douche cleans you out gradually without stressing your hole out. If you’re sensitive like me, you’ll find that shower attachments can be way too intense and can make you feel ‘raw’ before fucking.

    I always recommend giving yourself a good 30 to 60 minutes to douche, so you can be confident on the bottom. The soft rubberized bulb features an ultra-smooth plastic nozzle and flat base so you can balance it easily between squirts. Insertion is really simple with the help of Nexus Slide lube, as the douche nozzle’s diameter is only 6mm across.


    Popping the nozzle off the bulb to fill and empty with water is simple. Always use room temp-warm water when douching, insert the water, remove the douche and hold the water for as long as you can until you feel the need to naturally release. Repeat this until you’re confident with the colour of the water you are releasing. Don’t rush! If he wants it bad enough, he can fucking wait!

    Nexus Slide is a long-lasting, thick water based lube that arrives in a convenient pump top black bottle. I love it as it’s 100% condom friendly. It has a really natural consistency that makes it ideal for anal, masturbation and for use with any sex toy of your choice.

    You always want access to a good lube that lasts and feels great during sex and this is why I am a fan of Slide. It feels great, it’s easy to squirt out (even with lubey hands) and lasts long enough to ensure you’re not interrupting your shag to reach over and grab more.

    The pump bottle makes applying Slide both hygienic and easy, and it’s perfect for applying lube directly onto AND into your hole! It’s a nice way to pre-lube before fucking, too – just be careful to not catch your sensitive bits with the end of the nozzle.

    Also available from Nexus is the Enduro – a stretchy, thin, black cock ring. This comfortable cock ring is a pleasure to wear, stretching comfortably over your cock and balls (no matter how thick or beefy they may be) and delivers instant effects. Enduro is ideal if you’re on top or bottom.

    This stretchy men’s sex-cessory helps deliver more powerful erections and intensified pleasure when fucking as it holds all of the blood in your tool. As a bottom, it’s good to wear to make sure your dick is awake to be pleasured when being fucked. Do what I do and treat yourself to one as well as your man, to ensure you’re both able to go the extra mile when ‘having fun’.

    Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, it’s always good to have a toy cleaning spray around to ensure that finishing up is a breeze. Nexus Wash comes in a spray bottle that mists directly wherever you point it. You can use this cleaning spray on your toys and on yourself, as it’s anti-bacterial and suitable for sensitive skin types.

    You can also dilute it with 2 parts water to ensure that Nexus Wash lasts. This routine is also ideal for cleaning out the inside of the bulb douche after you’ve finished. Nexus Wash is for getting those last traces of lube off of your cock and hole, without the stickiness that can become an irritation. It’s also good for getting cum off of your skin (if you don’t want it there, of course).


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