CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… the Nexus Sceptre

    Nexus always get it right. Last year, I remember hearing discussions about a rotating probe being developed, so I was naturally very curious. I’ve always been envious of the rhythmic circular motions delivered by women’s rampant rabbit toys and this technology has in most-part been limited to slender prostate toys. So, you’re getting the ‘motion’ most of the time, but perhaps not the ‘full’ feeling you’d like.


    This is where SCEPTRE comes in, this deliciously shaped prostate probe gives you 4 inches of insertable probing delivered with an all-over matte silicone coating. I first got handed my SCEPTRE a few weeks ago, but was unable to use it due to recovering from a very painful issue which prevented any anal play. So… I was ready. This toy has been sat in my bedroom taunting me for WEEKS!

    This toy arrives in a sleek red and black box with gold details, which actually reminds me of some sort of bizarre religious iconography. That’s if your religious is prostate orgasms (mine is). Lifting it out of the box is instantly satisfying as the handle has been contoured to fit your palm perfectly. At its ‘front’ are raised nodules at the base of the tapered shaft, which have been designed to rub against your perineum (the gap between your balls and hole).  There are two buttons at the front, one to power it up and down and the other is to flick between a rotation clockwise and anticlockwise with two-speeds each. I was personally intrigued by the idea of changing the direction, as this is a great way of reactivating the internal sensations if you get ‘used’ to one.

    Like all of Nexus’ toys, SCEPTRE comes with a magnetised charging cable which allows you to charge it up using your phone charging block or computer.

    I knew SCEPTRE wouldn’t be easy to put in, as I’d be out of action for so long and its initial circumference jumps almost instantly into 3.93 inches. This really isn’t much for anal players of any level, so do not let this put you off – it’s just under 10cm around. I was simply worried as I hadn’t played in almost 2 months. So, I sat my ass on a pillow, laid backwards and decided insertion was best this way. I wanted to stay on brand so I used Nexus’ Slide Lube, which I put on both the toy and myself. Pushing it inside was intense but surprisingly smooth, which I put down to the initial ‘straight’ shaft and smooth silicone. As with most probes or curvaceous toys, your internal muscles will pull the toy in as it reaches a certain point.

    When inside, it’s a really nice full feeling with the nodules on the perineum stim really tickling the area – especially if you’re freshly shaved. Which I was and always find anal more pleasurable if I am. I started playing with the buttons and it began to rotate slowly, which instantly gave me a bit of a fright but pushed directly onto my prostate with the first swirl. This was proven by the instant “I need to pee” feeling I get when its touched. I could feel within a minute or two that SCEPTRE would easily bring me to orgasm, and especially since I hadn’t played in so long… everything felt much more sensitive.

    I played with the settings but really found that I preferred the slower rotation on the clockwise setting. The rotation circumference reaches an average penis size in girth (well, dependent on your idea of average) so it’s almost like being fucked by someone with a rotating bell-end. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m at the end of my patience with men of any mind at the moment, so I’ll stick to this lovely Nexus toy.

    Anyway… SCEPTRE really does feel good. The internal massage feels almost luxurious and its rotations are almost mesmerizing. You could easily lay back, chill and just let this bad boy do all the work – I’d actually recommend using it before anal sex to wake up your P Spot (prostate gland). The orgasm with this toy was really, really nice and the fact that SCEPTRE is moving so elegantly almost catches you by surprise as you’re cumming. This is due to the fact it gently grinds those spots that you aren’t expecting to be grinded against and then it keeps moving around to the next bit, and the next bit… and back around again.

    Clean up is incredibly easy with Nexus WASH spray, warm water. Remember that you’ll need to give this thing a superficial wipe after the thorough clean, as it’s matte silicone which will show lube streaks/smudges or any remaining soap you forgot to wipe off..


    • Insertable length: 4 inches
    • Diameter: 1.5 inches
    • Circumference: 3.93 inches
    • Full length: 8.5 inches

    If you have any questions about the Sceptre or anything related, tweet me using @HelloIAmTopher and remember to use ‘TOPHER’ online for 10% OFF. Retail Price: £85. Available at & in-store too.