CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… …The Nexus SiMUL8

    Hello QX Men. I’m baaaack! Sort of. I am excited to pop up again in my favourite XXX rag for a month with a review of one of the most exciting new sex toys that’s available on the market for anyone with a prostate, perineum, testicles, and a penis. One of my favourite brands has always been Nexus as, in my opinion, they understand how to satisfy these parts of the human anatomy. It all sounds so scientific but I’m basically saying, they know how to make you cum like a pig. As do I!

    I want to introduce to you the Nexus SiMUL8 Double Cock and Ball Ring with Prostate Probe. This rechargeable, vibrating sex toy features two motors within it’s sleek and flexible shape. If we are looking at the design of the ring, you spot the double ring at the front, the top for your shaft and the bottom ring for your balls to go through. Separating the two creates a tension and ‘pulling’ sensation which both helps keep you hard and intensifies the sensations of penetration and masturbation. These rings are both stretchy and firm, with the perfect amount of give to be both effective and comfortable.

    The double cock and ball ring connect to a perineum stimulator, featuring three ridges that rub on you. If you aren’t sure what your perineum is, it’s the gap between your balls and butthole and it’s a really good spot to stimulate during play of any kind. Within the perineum stimulator is a powerful motor, directing intense vibration settings (6 settings in total) to this sensitive spot… and this is when the toy begins to get very interesting. From here, the SiMUL8 curves around into a prostate probe with three ribs at the entrance to your butthole. THIS is where the second motor this. Nexus are known for their prostate massagers, of which I have reviewed many for QX Men. This ergonomically (body fit) shaped probe is designed to rest perfectly on your prostate, with the powerful motor within it thundering those forty-eight vibration settings we spoke about straight into your P-Spot. All of these settings are controlled by two buttons on the base of the toy, which you can easily reach by reaching your hands around to the perineum. Or Gooch. Or whatever you call it.

    Now, using the toy! The good bit. We can take all the science above but what’s the point if you don’t know how it feels? It’s up to you if you want to insert the prostate probe first or slide the double ring on but I put the probe in first. If you are relatively new to anal play, I would advise starting with the rings first. I used some Nexus Slide water-based lubricant which I generously applied to both the toy and myself. Remember to finger some lube inside of yourself too, as lubricating a good amount will help the bulbous head of the probe slide into place without feeling like you’re being poked from the inside-out. I was a bit anxious about putting the cock and ball ring on as I’m quite well-endowed and have had some painful mishaps in the past, but the silicone has a really good amount of give. Phew.

    If you are a top or versatile guy who wants to be stimulated as you fuck a bottom, you can wear this toy as you go to bring those internal orgasms out as you are stimulating the outside. If you’re a VERY experienced bottom, why not wear the SiMUL8 whilst being fucked? Like a prostate probing double-penetration device… just use lots of lube and take it slow.

    I used my toy alone. Once the SiMUL8 has popped in, my prostate woke up, as mine is well trained. The rounded tip of the SiMUL8 pushes directly on the prostate gland. The impact of the double ring is immediate as well, with the smooth rings grabbing on the base of my shaft and holding my dick in a semi-hard state, even though I was feeling flaccid before. One of the great things about rings like this is the let the blood in but don’t let it back out as easy – so you get the benefit of getting harder without losing it as soon as you tense or the ring gets pulled around. I was actually so satisfied by how nice everything felt in place that the addition of vibration just felt like a bonus. I first pushed the perineum stimulator which made me jump and instantly made my thighs open, which I’m not sure if that’s an ‘old slapper’ thing but it was really lovely. I didn’t feel much of the ribs there but it didn’t matter as the tingling vibrations coming from the area’s motor was more than enough. I played with myself and the vibrations travelling around really helped, and as there are so many settings I just pressed away at will. It’s when I turned on the prostate probe that the game completely changed. On the third click, the probe sent a tingling vibration through my G-Spot which made me want to orgasm almost-immediately and I don’t mean a penile orgasm, I’m talking about prostate orgasm. The intensity of this vibration I would describe as having some sort of bee or wasp inside of you (without the risk of being stung) and carries through your crotch to your tummy. I found that laying back with my legs open and my bum on a pillow, to push the toy deep onto the prostate gland. With the squeeze from the cock and ball rings, I found that I was ready to orgasm at any point when using the SiMUL8 but not to the point where I couldn’t enjoy myself without worrying about cumming. 

    Flicking through the 48 settings, I found that the pulsation was ‘the one’ and it made me orgasm almost involuntarily. I mean, I could’ve stopped it but I didn’t really want to. But please note that this happened after a prostate orgasm which happened about 10 minutes into using this toy.

    You can easily clean the toy as its completely waterproof. Give it a few sprays of Nexus Toy wash and some warm water, let it dry completely and then store it in a cool and dry place. Do not store directly with other silicone sex toys.

    Price: £60

    Recommended for:

    • Those with erectile dysfunction
    • Versatile Bottoms who are topping
    • Fans of Prostate Massage 
    • Those who want to learn to have a P-Spot Orgasm

    Technical Features:

    • 2 motors
    • 6 shaft stimulation settings
    • 6 perineum stimulation settings
    • 48 combinations of pleasure
    • Ergonomically contoured shaft
    • 100% body safe silicone
    • USB rechargeable
    • Waterproof to IPX7 standards, can be submersed up to 1m (3ft) in water for 30 minutes
    • Standard charging time is 1 hour which will give you


    • Circumference at widest point: 4.2″
    • Insertable length: 4.6″

    Use ‘TOPHER’ for 15% OFF at Got any questions? Email me: [email protected]