CloneZone’s Topher Taylor’s Road Test… the Nexus Ultra Si

    I’ve made no secret of my fascination (borderline obsession) with Nexus Toys. The Nexus Range was first introduced to me when I started working in sex shops in Soho back in 2009, and I’ve been a fan ever since. The unapologetic luxury brand proudly boasts their ability to directly target, satisfy and bring you to orgasm massaging the Male G-Spot. They are really good toys.

    So, when the Nexus team informed me about ULTRA Si being made, I was extremely excited. The ULTRA ‘Si’ refers to its silicone coating, as this toy the Nexus NEO (a hard toy) but with a luxurious silicone coating. After overwhelming request, the Nexus team have softened up a product in their hard range. This dual density Prostate Massager features a polypropylene core – which gives it that fascinating dual density texture.

    The shape of this toy is IDEAL for P-Spot pleasure. The curvaceous design slides into place inside, as it’s anatomically perfect. The bulbous mid-section gently opens you up and the pronounced head pushes directly on your prostate gland. You see those three ribs at the base of the insertable? They rest just on the entrance to your anus.

    You see the orange part? This rests on the gap between your hole and your nuts. The silver ball pushes against your perineum and rolls as you grind it up and down.  The ball is removable, so you can clean out any lube that gets caught up inside. The other end (the black part) is a handle that can be used to move the toy around inside.

    Begin by applying a water-based or hybrid lube to its sexy shaft. I say ‘sexy’ because when you rub your fingers up and down it, it traces the ergonomic shape and feels sexy. Don’t use a silicone lube, as this will damage the silicone on the toy.

    After pushing some lube into yourself with the tip of your fingers, push the head of the toy against your hole. Remember the orange goes in front of you and the black behind – so hold it this way when inserting. I find the best way to enter a prostate toy is on your back with your thighs spread, pushing your hole ‘outwards’ like you’re going to the toilet. Doing this encourages your anus to accept the toys shape, and it glides ergonomically into place. This really doesn’t take much effort at all.

    Once you get an inch of so inside, your hole pulls the toy in, this is as the first curve grinds around into its place. As with most prostate toys, you know it’s in place when you get that warm tingly sensation, a bit like needing to piss. The three ribs at the base rub against those ticklish nerve endings inside your butthole. Pull on the black level to encourage the toy to wiggle around, and tease your anus with the ribs. You can fuck yourself with the toy, but you’ll need to arch your back- otherwise the curve head catches on your insides. I mean, if you’re into that – then do it… but I’m not.

    As my P-Spot is so sensitive, I’m already rock hard by the time it’s in place. With more time dedicated to prostate massage, the more you benefit from it. So by now, when I use these toys the tingles spread down my inner thighs and I get this warm sensation around my stomach. Masturbating is advised, or having sex. You can wear the Nexus quite comfortably if your bottom is on top. Personally, I find using a P-Spot toy and giving oral is one of the best things in the whole world.

    I brought myself to orgasm quite easily… but it’s a lot of fun to tease yourself when the ULTRA Si is inside. Wear it whilst watching porn or talking dirty with someone on WhatsApp. If you’re into taking photos of yourself with things up your butt, the black and orange contrast looks really sexy. Just remember not to add it to your Snap Story. I might be talking from personal experience.

    When you orgasm with this inside, it’s SO good. I know I always go on and on about prostate massagers, but they really are good. I really felt the benefit of the silicone coating on the Nexus ULTRA Si, as sometimes their hard toys can feel a little rough if I’ve been ‘out of action’ for a while. This toy is a real treat.



    – Waterproof
    – Phthalate Free
    – Anatomically contoured 

    Product Specifications:

    – Insertable length – 3.93″
    – Total height – 5.51″
    – Diameter at widest point – 1.25″


    – Polypropylene core with velvet   touch silicone coating.


    • Available exclusively online at for £44.99