CloneZone’s Topher Taylor’s Road Test… The Titus Ribbed Butt Plug

    Let me begin by saying that I’ve been on a blocking spree on WhatsApp recently, have deleted all of my dating apps, and have pretty much tied myself off from any sort of dating scene.


    Therefore, this has made the idea of using anal toys a little bit intimidating, as its ‘been a while’… if you get me. I had a think about which product I should talk about and then it hit me; Clonezone had just launched the new style of butt-plug: The Titus Ribbed Butt Plug.

    There are three plugs available; small, medium and large. There is also an Anal Training Kit, which contains all three plugs together for just £39.99 (saving you almost 12 quid on getting all 3 sizes individually).

    The plugs are part of the Titus Silicone Series, which appeals to me as I’m a big fan of the texture and appearance of silicone. The tapered plugs are bulb-like in shape, which differs from the usual ‘triangular point’ that butt plugs have.

    At the neck of the plugs are three ribs, the ribs are quite pronounced, rising almost 3mm each on the largest plug. Clonezone chose to put these cute little ribs on the neck as it stimulates the most sensitive part of your anus. The opening of your hole will naturally clench and release against these ribs, moving the black back-and-forth – therefore stimulating you.

    The plugs feel really nice in your hands, they are weight, firm-yet-soft and are velvety smooth against your fingertips. But we aren’t here to discuss how they feel in your hands, are we?

    The base of the plug features a ‘flared’ base, which allows the plug to rest deep inside of you and contour to your natural shape. Wear the plug with each flare facing in front and behind you, resting on your perineum (gooch) and your crack.

    I began by applying lots of Water-Based lube (I just ‘SPIT to Reactivate’) to myself and then smallest plug. Insertion is quite simple if you’re relaxed, and the best way to relax your hole for incoming traffic is to relax your mid-section and ‘push out’. Accepting the plug is smooth as the tapered shape slides in naturally, reaching straight down to the ribs.  The feeling the ribs give is instant, you notice their texture on your hole, making it hard to stop clenching – I guess this is because your body is thinking “the fuck is that?”

    It’s a plug, so there isn’t too much that I can tell you. You feel full and it feels nice. The thing which is different about the plug is the ribs and the flared base, you feel stimulated around your hole and you feel the pressure of the flare. I kept thinking it would be a nice idea to ‘cool’ the plug down, so the flare was nice and cold outside your body. But whether or not you want to keep your butt plugs next to the Pinot grigio in your fridge is up to you.

    After wearing the small for a while, move up to Medium. Apply more lube. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you feel, always use new lube when putting a toy back in or moving ‘up’ a size. I found the medium a bit harder to get inside, though this is probably due to my newfound virginity. When you have it inside and have relaxed to it, I really recommend ‘fucking yourself’ with it. The ribs are your new best friends. Trust me.

    I decided personally that Medium was enough for me. This is different for everyone. If you are an experienced anal player, you’ll love the Large and perhaps want even MORE. And good for you mate, I’m glad that someone’s getting some.

    It’s important to remember the purpose of these plugs (and the kit) is to train your hole and relax you, to get your body used to the full feeling and to gently stimulate you as you do these things. If you’ve met a guy out and realised that his talk of his ‘hung’ status is actually true, then this kit is IDEAL for relaxing your sphincter before ya boy shows up and throws it down. Give yourself a little time with the plugs before you meet him, and after douching.

    Clean up is really simple with one of our sex-toy cleaning sprays (I used Nexus Wash) and warm-water. Just make sure you focus on the embossed Titus logo and around the ribs, where lube etc. can build up.

    Leave to try naturally, and don’t store until they’re completely dry. Store them separately somewhere cool and dry.



    – Use with water-based lube.

    – Wear before anal sex, to relax your hole.

    – Clench-and-release.

    – Fuck yourself with these plugs, take advantage of the ribs.

    – Wear during masturbation for an explosive orgasm.



    – Use silicone or oil lube withvthese toys. Ever.It will fuck them up.

    – Overestimate your plug size, always start smaller.

    – Leave inside for more than 4 hours.




    Circumference at Widest Point – 5″

    Insertable Length – 3.2″

    Ribs Length – 0.4″


    Circumference at Widest Point – 5.8″

    Insertable Length – 4.1″

    Ribs Length – 0.5″


    Circumference at Widest Point – 6.6″

    Insertable Length – 5″

    Ribs Length – 0.5



    100% Medical Grade Silicone


    The Titus Ribbed Butt Plugs are available online at from £14.99. Full set £39.99 with FREE U.K. shipping and in Clonezone stores nationwide.