Accepting lifts from strangers can be a dangerous game.

    Especially if the strangers are a couple of scally lads on the hunt for young guys to spit roast in the back of their people carrier! Yep, those Boys On The Prowl are back, and they’re Cruising For Kit. Driving around with one mate doing the driving and another operating a handheld camera, the boys on the prowl are on the hunt for hot chavs in trackies and trainers and sweaty lads straight off the pitch. As soon as they spot a guy they like the look of, they pull over, chuck him in the back of their people carrier, get his kit off and take him for more of a ride than he was expecting! Starring Jake Richards, Dan Jenkins, Stephen Black, Deacon Hunter, Alex Silvers, Reece Bentley, Olly Tayler and Scott Williams.