Electrastim Loops

    There’s a brand spanking new product from revolutionary purveyors of filth and fetish, ElectraStim!


    The Prestige Ectraloops are much more than your average cockring. They’re turbocharged cockrings! Cockrings reloaded. Imagine Keanu Reeves wearing nothing but that coat from The Matrix, and a Prestige Electro-Sex Cock Loop. Hot.

    As the name suggests, electricity is involved. There’s a 2mm connection socket in embedded in it, which gives off a small but stimulating electric charge for your intense pleasure! It can be controlled via the ElectraStim Stimulator, a handy remote (sold separately).

    The loops themselves are stylish, comfortable and easy to use! They’re made of rubber, so they’re flexible, and also adjustable up to 60mm in diameter, using a coloured aluminum adjustor. AND, the adjustors come in a range of three different colours; red, silver or gold! Which one would you choose? We’d go for gold. How glam!

    Anyway, they’re perfect for both newbies or connoisseurs of electroplay – for less experienced people, they’re a great starting point, and for seasoned electroplay adventurers, they’re a fun casual toy!


    For more info, or to place an order, email [email protected]