For decades, the fetish scene has pretty much revolved around leather and rubber. But over the last couple of years neoprene has become increasingly popular with guys who like to give things a real pounding.


    A great alternative to leather and rubber, neoprene is perfect for a night out clubbing or a sleazy night in when sex in fetish gear is on the cards! It’s lightweight and durable and it lets your skin breath making it very comfortable to wear. And another reason for its popularity is that neoprene is water-resistant and oil-resistant too!

    Those guys at London’s Expectations have a great selection of neoprene gear, all of which are seriously worth checking out. Backless shorts are as popular as ever, so it goes without saying they’re on the list. They also stock a range of neoprene backless trousers which, at first sight, are not unlike chaps but obviously with just the arse on show. Available in a range of sizes, they’re great value at £159.

    There’s a stack of choice when it comes to harnesses, with styles including slingshot, holster and corruption. Cockfight, panel full face and spyder hoods are perfect for heavier sessions, as is the neoprene apron. The ultimate neoprene item for serious players must be the large black sleep sack. With cock and arse access, as well as internal sleeves, it has super strong zig-zag stitch for extra durability.

    And because gay guys love accessories, Expectations stock a large neoprene range including cock rings, ball stretchers and wrist gauntlets, a larger and much more striking alternative to wrist straps. The range of hoods, backless shorts and wrist gauntlets all feature either a colour stripe, cross or trim, so whether you’re into good old-fashioned fucking or water sports, fisting, bondage or S&M, you’ll be able to let other guys know exactly what you’re into!


    • All of these neoprene items along with a huge range of leather, rubber, sex toys, aromas, fetish clothing and much more, are available online at www.expectations.co.uk and in-store at Expectations, 75 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3RY. Tel: 020 7739 0292.