Fetish Freak

    Wanna get your freak on? These are your guys! Fetish Freak are a totally independent company selling everything you need to get down and dirty, established when the owner Jonathan started trading back in 2007.

    Jonathan has been in the business for many years and has built up a reputation on the Fetish scene as being honest, knowledgeable and trusted in this field (he was for many years the manager of Expectations in East London). In 2014 the Fetish Freak store moved from their first home in Vauxhall, London to much nicer premises, just down the road in Oval!

    As you could imagine with a name like Fetish Freak, they stock a superb range of leather and rubber clothing made right there in London (one of only a few places left to do this) with prices to suit everyone’s budget, from their Regular to an Elite range. They also offer an extensive range of cock and ball toys, lubes, harnesses, used Army boots, restraints and more! Why not pop buy the store or check out their website to see for yourself?

    FF sell a massive range of dildos and butt plugs, BUTT (hehe) their supply sells out fast, so you need to be quick if you want to find your ultimate anal apparatus!

    Priding themselves on quality and service, they’re always friendly and happy to help, so pay them a visit to say hello.

    Fetish Freak is located at 76 Bolton Crescent, Oval, London SE5 0SE, check out their website for opening hours and their online store at www.fetishfreak.co.uk