Fetish is Good For You

    The word ‘fetish’ originates from the Portuguese feitico, meaning ‘obsessive fantasy’. Whether it’s a simple love of trainers or a sexual attraction towards facial hair and tattoos, the word fetish has always been associated with a powerful attachment to something.

    For any guys new to or curious about fetish, but who might be hesitant, we thought we’d point out a few reasons why it’s good for you (aside from the obvious).

    For some, fetish is the strong pull towards something that is perhaps a bit dangerous, subversive or that their colleagues would never guess they were into. Others can feel cautious, keeping their desires under wraps. Yet there’s no reason for the latter – having a fetish is totally normal.

    At its most basic, a fetish is just a type of sexual fantasy about a particular object, fabric or part of the body. Most are very common: feet, rope, uniforms, to name but a few. Some are less so, but there’ll always be someone else out there who shares your tastes.

    While we’re not trying to normalise your fetish, the fact remains that it doesn’t make you weird. It might be an exclusive club you’re in, but we can guarantee that there are other people around who love what you do – no matter how niche you think it is. That means you will always be able to find someone to share your fetish with – chances are, you’ve already connected with like-minded men on Recon, anyway.

    Your fetish can enable you to be someone different; expressing yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t. Many of us have fairly ordinary existences. Some of us don’t work in roles that allow us to be creative, but we still need some kind of outlet. Indulging in your fetishes is a good way to tap into your potential. It might allow you to wear clothes or assume traits that empower you or allow you to have experiences you can’t find in the everyday world. The flipside of this is that fetish may also allow you to express who you truly are.

    There’s obviously the gratification that comes with fetish play, but it can also introduce you to many likeminded men. If you know where to look, you can find lots of specific fetish events taking place around the country, such as private play parties, fetish venues or nights at a local club. You just need to check the Recon calendar to see where there might be an event going on near you.

    These events don’t even need to actually involve play. Guys often get together purely to socialise, ask questions, learn new skills and plan future fetish events. A quick search online can reveal a variety of events that might be taking place near you.

    Having a fetish is good for you, for so many different reasons – but you knew that already. Never be afraid of your kinky side, embrace it, and life will become a whole lot more interesting.

    Check out fetishweek.com for details of all the events happening for Fetish Week London 2018, between 8 – 15 July. Meet likeminded guys, indulge your different fetish interests or come try something new.

    Want to find out about different fetishes, join the recon community at www.recon.com