19/11/2016: This’ll warm your cockles on a finger-freezingly depressing November evening.

    Lots of cheeky lads got the bus down to Bloc on Saturday night. They danced to some sick beatz, got themselves a cheeky pint, and got their ARSES OUT! That’s what we like to hear! Yeah, it was the Rear Of The Year competition innit, with the best bum winning £100!

    The finalists are pictured on the bottom (LOL) left of the page. Apparently it was the guy on the far right who took home the prestigious Rear Of The Year Award *Patsy Stone voice* oh that’s fantastic. Bloc provided the perfect sexily urban setting for the cheeky chappy cruise night.

    Fitladz is back with a BANG!


    • Bloc Bar, 18 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX