Fitladz & Fitlegz

    Phwoaaaarrrrr, the Fitladz are back and they’re having a right knees-up. Or more accurately, a “legs-up”, which sounds VERY promising. Say goodbye to those lame familiar ‘legless’ birthday shenanigans of yesteryear and stand well back, as FitLadz prepares to celebrates eleven years at the centre of the Vauxhall club scene.


    With it’s trainer-clad feet now firmly under the table at it’s new home, Bloc South, the iconic dance/cruise party is steadying itself for Saturday 12th August which promises to be it’s biggest night of 2017 to date. With unmistakably ‘leggy’ undertones throughout (in keeping with the ‘Legs Eleven’ theme, obviously) The Fitladz Birthday Legs-Up will, according to promoter Steve Darragh, “not just be fit for purpose, but 100% fit ON purpose too!”

    Now, we all know a party isn’t a party without music, so stepping up to the plate is a birthday buffet of Fitladz’s favourites. Following a set that quite literally took the doors off their hinges at Fitladz Sportacular during Gran Canaria Pride back in May, international DJ supremo Guy Williams tops (ahem) a lineup including Juliano Julian and Stevie B, together charged with keeping Fitladz’ arms (not their legs) in the air as the birthday bash advances towards a bass-induced oblivion (or “dawn” as it’s better known).

    When quizzed about the ‘ins and outs’ of the birthday horn-fest, ol’ dirty Darragh told us “Fitladz Birthday Legs-Up takes the essence of a birthday party to the next level, so forget passing a parcel or pinning a tail on a cardboard ass and prepare to tear a layer off a promisingly pendulous package as it’s passed from person to person round our two new, purpose-built cruise zones.”

    Promisingly pendulous! That’s given us a semi already. Fitladz is the only place where you score before you shoot on a Saturday night… so tuck your socks into your grey trackies, put on your Air Max and get your boys together, because this is gonna be a BIG ONE.


    Fitladz: The Birthday Legs-Up is at Bloc South (65 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP) on Saturday 12th August 2017. 10pm-5am (last entry 4am), £5 before midnight, £10 After. Members FREE before midnight, £5 after