Gear London

    Why shop in-store when you can just head online? Well, it’s simple. The service! Heading in store gives you an insight into what you’re looking to buy. GEAR London has a crew of experts on the shop floor who can advise you on what you’re looking for. The sales team are always eager to give you insightful suggestions, whether you’re looking for that leather harness that fits like a glove, or uniform that give you the look you’re going for. If you’re into the scally scene, then they have a range of Adidas pieces to try on, or if the skinhead scene’s more your thing they have plenty to choose from. They stock several ranges from the biggest named brands of the fetish scene, selling nothing but quality items that won’t disappoint the next time you’re looking to get some action.

    GEAR London, 75 Great Eastern Street, London. Monday to Friday: 12pm – 8pm. Saturday: 11am – 8pm. Sunday: 12pm – 5pm.