Get Steamed This Summer

    A sweltering season ahead at the men-only Covent Garden Health Spa

    Men-only spas have been a scene staple in our culture for over half a millennium. Believe it or not, records of gay bathhouses go back all the way to fifteenth-century Florence, where they were recorded as pits of ‘vice and sodomy’. Five centuries onward and we’re glad to say not much has changed. Here in London, if you’re looking for a steam and some saucy action then the Covent Garden Health Spa is a must-do destination.

    Set in the heart of London’s most popular neighbourhood, Covent Garden, the Spa is just a stone’s throw from the gay bars of Soho. It’s just the ticket when those post-work drinks have you feeling a certain kind of way.  They’re open past ten every night of the week, staying open until 2 am on a Saturday night. With a fully-licensed bar, a sauna, a state-of-the-art steam room, a spa pool and a wet room, there’s a whole range of facilities to explore. Their one goal is to ensure that everyone who walks through their door has a relaxing experience that will help relieve some of the pressures of fast-paced city living.

    If you’re looking to get yourself well and truly taken care of then book yourself in for a session with one of the spa’s massage therapists. With session available to book throughout the week, you can check-in for a half-hour session for just £45, or treat yourself to a full hour for just £60. You’ll also get complimentary access to the rest of their facilities. Massages have a whole range of health benefits, from boosting your immune system, improving your sleep, reducing inflammation to improving your general well-being reducing anxiety and stress. From head to full-body massages, they’ll be sure to relieve any tension you may have.

    The Covent Garden Health Spa also hosts a range of naughty nights with the help of those mischievous Jamie HP lads. On Saturday night the venue is taken over by TFN, Totally Fekking Nude, which is one of London’s largest naked parties, welcoming around 200 guests each week. The evening re-imagines the spa’s facilities as a series of play spaces, making it the ultimate cruising experience. There’s also the monthly H-Partyboys Pool Party where the private party group takes over on a Thursday night, filling the place with athletic guys under forty. Find out more at

    So whether it’s unwinding after a long week at the office, or looking to escape for a few hours, the Covent Garden Health Spa is sure to have what you’re looking for.  With a passion for men’s health and fitness, there’s no better place to recuperate.

    Covent Garden Health Spa, 29 Endell Street, London WC2H 9BA. Open every day from midday. Prices start at £10 for under-25s. Find out more at