Crackstuffers dildos and plugs have been a firm favourite at the UK’s largest fetish store, Expectations, for quite some time now…


    And fans of those big blue dongs, designed for men with greedy arses, will be pleased to find out that Expectations has just become the only retail store on the planet to stock the entire Crackstuffers range!

    Choose anything from Bobbins to Bones, Trees to Truncheons, Missiles to Mushroom Heads, Plugs to Probes or Rockets to Reality dildos. How about a Goose or, if you’re a total pig, why not try out the entire range of Depth Trainers?

    So, if you’ve got a hungry hole, get your arse down to Expectations now!


    • Expectations: 75 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3RY (Tel: 020 7739 0292)