Getting Into Fetish: Becoming a Pup

    The pup scene has become really popular, especially for those who are new to kink. If you’ve seen pups on Recon or at any fetish party and are interested in becoming one yourself but don’t know where to start, our guide may help.

    Why be a pup?

    There are lots of reasons why men choose to live the pup lifestyle. First and foremost, being a puppy is a lot of fun. It’s a chance for people to escape the burden of their daily life and become a lovable and naive animal with limited responsibility for a while.

    A lot of pups enjoy the scene because it allows them to be in a submissive role where they are cared for and played with. Pups may form relationships with other pups as part of a pack for play, with an Alpha as a ‘big brother’ to the pup, or the pup may seek a Handler to own and train them. These relationships don’t have to be sexual, but often are. While everyone’s idea of puppy play varies, it typically doesn’t involve as much punishment or humiliation as a slave role. After all, owners care and love their pets!

    Where do I start?

    To be a good pup you need to get into the headspace. Look at YouTube videos of how puppies behave. They are playful, cheeky and a little naughty – they don’t always do what they are told! They are still learning on how to behave, which is something a handler might want to teach you themselves. However, you should still decide what sort of personality your puppy persona is going to have.

    Remember to move like a pup, too. Get on all fours (invest in some knee pads to protect yourself from scuffs and injury) and start wagging your ‘tail’, barking, panting and seeking attention from whoever’s around you.

    Decide how you want to play

    There are no real rules for puppy play, it’s what you make it! But the puppy play originates from the BDSM scene. For example, some pups like to sleep in cages, eat dog treats and play game. Your safety should always be paramount, though. Don’t spend hours in cramped cages nor eat treats not intended for human consumption.

    The relationships you have with other pups or your handler may be sexual, or non-sexual. You should agree the rules and terms of the relationship at the very start. As always, a safe word (or signal if your speech is impended by a mask/hood) is vital to ensure enjoyable play.

    Create your pup persona

    Many pups choose a name to go by when engaged in play. This helps form their pup persona. Of course, you may leave this decision up to your handler. Some pups also decide on their breed, as each has their own unique personalities. Your breed does not have to reflect your size or looks, so if you’re 6ft tall and want to be a Jack Russell, then go for it!

    What to wear

    What you wear is completely up to you (and your handler, if you wish him to have a say). No gear is needed to become a pup, as it’s a state of mind, but if you need help to get into the right headspace or simply wish to look more dog-like, there’s lots of accessories available. Hoods/masks which give you a snout and dog ears are very popular, as are puppy tail butt plugs. Leashes are essential if you want to be taken for walks and toys are perfect for playtime.

    There’s no right way to be a pup, but there are plenty of wrong ways. Remember to respect everyone’s limits, including yours, your handler’s and your fellow pups. Safe words should always be acknowledged – acting ‘naughty’ is not an excuse.

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    Photography by Paul Green for Recon, featuring – Recon member kinkyalexc