Getting Into Fetish: Chastity

    Chastity is an interest within BDSM in which a Dom restricts the sexual activity of their sub, making it impossible for them to even get hard without their permission.  To become ‘chaste’, a sub has to wear a specially designed cage over their cock that prevents them from getting an erection and in turn, being able to orgasm through masturbating or having sex. As the only person with a key to the cage is their Dom, chastity is a way for the sub to surrender complete control of their sexual gratification

    This takes the power play between a Dom and a sub to a whole new level, often boosting the sub’s sex drive through orgasm deprivation. Wearing a cage can also be used as a punishment for a sub if they break the Dom’s rules.

    For most subs, chastity cages will be worn for a couple of days at a time without a break during a session, while for others only long-term wear will do. Careful cleaning is important to maintain hygiene and avoid infection when wearing a cage for several days or more. Long-term chastity subs will usually meet with their keyholder regularly to get released for cleaning.

    It goes without saying that wearing a chastity cage for any length of time takes a bit of getting used to; being restricted under clothes and during everyday activities such as sleeping and urinating can be challenging. The most uncomfortable time is usually overnight when a sub may wake with an attempted hard-on in the cage. Any discomfort caused, and the knowledge that only the Dom can relieve it, is all part of the fun.

    Chastity cages are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of materials, including leather, silicone, metal and plastic. Whatever type of chastity device you choose, remember never to break into a cage while its being worn as this can cause injury.

    For newcomers to the chastity kink, a totally restrictive cage might not be the best way to start. Alternative devices are designed to fit over the cock to give a feeling of being bound without completely limiting access. These consist of metal rings connected by a leather strap (the largest ring fits behind the balls to keep it in place), and they offer a way to incorporate an element of chastity into play without the need for a cage.

    Leather is a classic choice, with most cages similar in style to the device mentioned above, but much more restricting. Although, as they must be removed when showering and cleaning, they’re unsuitable for long-term wear.

    Plastic polycarbonate or silicone cages are popular thanks to their comfortable and lightweight design that allows them to be worn under clothes, during showering and for extended periods. The most popular devices are clear plastic cock cages featuring air and urination vents, which prevent any contact whatsoever while they are worn. These usually come with various sized rings and spacers so you can experiment with what combination fits securely without being too uncomfortable.

    Many metal chastity cages feature bars in their design, they can provide a deeper sensation of imprisonment, and stainless steel devices are easy to keep clean. They can be heavier to wear than plastic cages, but some subs feel that this only adds to the feeling of being owned by their Dom.

    If you’re looking for more confinement, choosing a chastity device will usually come down to how long you want to wear it and how you want it to look. If long-term wear is your aim, work up to it by practicing for longer and longer periods. Many subs keep the key to their cage themselves while getting used to it, before handing over control.

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