Going Camping

    Barry El Beardo gets in touch with nature!

    It didn’t take long to erect, and once it was up it would stay up until I had to take it down. It was lucky I’d bought a tent that was easy to construct as the idea of trying to put it up with the other happy campers watching was embarrassing. It wasn’t even noon yet, but I had arrived at the nude campsite and slowly drove on the dirt track to the area I wanted to set up. Upon reaching that spot, I had already noticed a guy sunbathing nude with a hard on. And what a hard on it was. Just the sight of him nude was making my cock twitch.

    About 30 minutes later, the tent was up and I was all ready to have a chilled (albeit naked) weekend in the sun. My arms were already starting to go red from the drive to the campsite, so I applied lotion to my hairy chunky body. A nice trick I’ve learnt from coming here is that if you face other campers when you lotion up, especially your dick, then you’re bound to get a reaction. Looking up I caught some eyes on me, but they weren’t looking at my face.

    I laid down on a towel on the grass face down. A few moments later I decided to flip over to my back so my dick could feel the heat from the sun. This had an instantaneous effect that rushed blood to my dick making it pump harder and harder until it was pointing to the sun. I tried not to clench too much, I wanted to make it look as natural as possible. My eyes were closed but I didn’t need to look down to realise that I was fully hard and that the campers around me were noticing. It didn’t bother me in the slightest, let them watch.

    I was working up a sweat in the tent so decided to sit back on my towel in the sun, hoping for a breeze to brush over my furry body. There was a handsome older guy sitting opposite me on his chair with his legs wide open, his cock not completely soft and a smile on his face. I started stroking my cock slowly and softly, feeling it getting firmer. There were 3 or 4 more guys outside their tents and campervans who could see what was going on, this only excited me more. Watching the guy opposite me I could see his cock getting harder and harder. To see me having this affect on him only make me grin like a fool.

    Next thing I realised, I was standing in his camping area, under the awning from his tent with my cock in his mouth. With my butt facing the rest of the camp, I looked over my shoulder to see another guy watching. This only aroused me more and as it was being sucked, we moaned in unison. He licked and sucked my balls as I grabbed my shaft and jerked it fast, only slowing as I could feel myself getting close. It felt so good, but I didn’t want to cum yet, I had only been here for an hour and there was still a long day ahead of us. I held onto the back of his head feeling every sensation of his mouth working on me. He reached down and stroked his hard cock, which while not massive, was still rock hard and veiny. It felt so good, he was very good with his mouth and it was driving me insane, making me moan louder than I probably should’ve.

    Before I realised, I was on the verge of shooting. I tried to keep still and not clench my groin to see if I could just edge it away. I grabbed the guy’s head to stop him from sucking but as I pulled my dick out of his mouth it was too late. I shot a long stream of cum over his face and beard. With more shots of cum, his chest and body were covered with my juice. It was a surprisingly big load, bigger than I expected.

    Looking down at him, ecstasy on my face, he smiled back up at me and then shot his load over the floor between me. My legs started to buckle under the intensity of my orgasm which made me chuckle. He stood up and grabbed what looked like a t-shirt to wipe his chest and face with. As I made my way back to my tent, I walked across the grass, my cock still hard and dripping; giving a visual confirmation to whoever was watching that I had shot my load. I used a towel to wipe any cum still dripping form my helmet, threw it into the tent and then grabbed my phone. I looked at the time, it was only 2pm. I had only been here for 2 hours and still had another 24 to go…

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