Gym Jockstrap @ FETCH

    We’re super excited to introduce the GYM Jockstrap range at FETCH. Manufactured by the same company that made the now extinct BIKE brand, these classic jocks are perfect for the gym, the club or the bedroom.

    GYM 3″ Old School Jockstrap:

    The GYM 3″ Old School jockstrap is available in three colours with the first being all white with thin Red and Blue tracer stripes in the 3″ waistband.  Second is black with White tracer stripes and Heather Grey with red/blue tracer stripes. Made with a hefty 3″ wide waistband and 1/2 leg straps.

    Composition: Pouch is 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber and 20% cotton

    Waistband/Legstraps: 70% Polyester and 30% Rubber

    GYM 2″ Workout Jockstrap:

    GYM 2″ Workout jockstrap designed for moderate exercise made by GYM Jockstrap. This product is manufactured by the same company that made the popular Bike brand.  These jockstraps feature a 2″ wide band.  Available in White, Black, Royal Blue and solid Grey.  Performance support with the feel of cotton.  2″ elastic waistband with 3/4″ leg straps. 

    The pouch on the GYM jocks tends to run larger than other products, so if you require a roomier pouch this one is for you.

    Material: 55% Nylon; 25% Rubber; 20% Cotton

    Ajaxx63 T Shirts and Caps arrive at FETCH!

    Ajaxx63 look to New York’s gay club and street scenes for inspiration. We’re talking more than just shirts here. It’s memories in the making. Ajaxx63 has been worn out to so many aspects and activities of the world in which us gay guys live in. Proud to be part of the good times, the celebration of being gay. Yes, sometimes, the world can be rough, discrimination sucks. But, we don’t have to let that shit into our birthday parties, or nightclubs and vacations, times when people are letting loose and living it up with their buddies. They explore all sides of gay life, it’s makes them tick, what makes us laugh, what makes you decide while shopping or out at a club to say, “I have to have that,” “that is so me,” “that is so cool,” or “that fits so damn well.”

    Fetch is at 6 Voltaire Road, Clapham, London SW4 6DH.