2013 was a busy year for gay porn’s real life couple JP Dubois and Sam Barclay.

    Not content with their successful careers in adult entertainment, the lads wanted to see something fresh, bold and new in UK porn. So instead of sitting around moaning about it, these two set up their own studio, UKHotJocks.com.

    You’d think that, and their other porn commitments, would be keeping them busy, but they still found the time to jet over to the States and star in Christian Owen’s latest movie Hard Time for Hot House!

    Set in a prison, the lads have been put in adjoining cells with only prison bars to separate them.

    Once left alone, Sam sucks his BF’s cock through the bars and it’s not long before both inmates are naked and JP’s backed up his juicy bubble-butt against the prison bars so that Sam can slide his cock deep inside.