Hot on the heals of Part 1, Hung Americans, Part 2 delivers more heaped servings of Grade-A all-American, blue collar, back woods cock.

    The eight-man cast – Boomer Banks, Aleks Buldocek, James Ryder, this month’s delicious centrefold Mike Dozer, Ray Han, Shawn Wolfe, Trenton Ducati and Tyson Reade – shows that they will pay any price and meet any hard on to assure spontaneous, throat-stretching, arse-pounding sex.

    A back alley is the chosen location for Trenton Ducati and burly bear, Mike Dozer, while youthful James Ryder gives it his best when he takes on hairy daddy Aleks Buldocek.

    Sexy bear cub Shawn Wolfe has an awesome oral scene with Tyson Read’s massive member, and while Boomer Banks’ cock might get you thinking of anacondas and elephant trunks, it’s Ray Han who devours it like a wild animal, taking the entire length of Boomer’s massive meat and living to tell the tale!