VIDEO CHAT FOR GUYS ON THE GO (GLG) is the essential gay video community for guys looking to chat, date or simply have some fun in the most valuable of today’s commodities: spare time. Instant access to video chat is provided via their chosen device to men at any hour, anywhere.

    Still a young site, GLG – part of the industry leading CC Media Network Ltd who’ve been pioneering web media and communications since 1999 – was launched only 10 months ago and is growing all the time. To use GLG video chat, you simply need to register for a seamless live gay video chat from the comfort of your chosen device, be it an iPhone, Android, Mac or PC.

    Users can join the site as either a viewer or a chat host (find out more about hosting by visiting Currently there’s about 80 daily chat hosts, but most of them don’t login until primetime hours for USA, which is early evening for them and late, late evening for us boys in the UK.