Big Daddy presents another round of butt-clenching, interracial arse destruction.

    In each scene we see a cocky young lad who thinks he can handle a big dick. That is, of course, until they see what Mario Costas and Castro are packing… A cute young twink called Ryan is up first and he’s not gonna be able to get fucked for a long time after Mario’s finished with his boy butt!

    Next it’s Kyle who proudly tells us that the biggest dick he’s taken was eight inches! His face is a picture then when Mario walks in the room and flops out his ten inch monster.

    Ken Tanner is, as the DVD’s sleeve so eloquently puts it, the third “mother fucker to be officially cracked in half”, before the infamous Castro makes an appearance in the final scene on the DVD and destroys 18-year-old Sam’s quivering butt. Check out Castro and his mahoosive slab of meat (pictured left) and a shocked Sam stood next to him.