Leading latex label Libidex have launched their LatexEXPRESS Christmas sale today with the promise that you can order your latex now and be sure to get it in time for Christmas. 

    All Libidex LatexEXPRESS garments  – from the company’s off-the-peg range – are at a 50% discount and can be despatched within a matter of days. And some items – the ‘Christmas Crackers’ – are up to 70% off full retail price. Libidex have thousands of items in stock for the Christmas rush, offering a wide selection of their range to choose from.

    Libidex are also guaranteeing despatch of any items from their Made to Order range taken before 1st December in time for Christmas.

    Libidex owner Simon Rose was confident customers would appreciate the timing of the sale: “This year we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to buy latex for Christmas at a good price, so that’s why we’ve put our LatexEXPRESS range on sale now. We also want people to know it’s not too late to order – whether it’s from LatexEXPRESS or our Made to Order range – you can still get your latex to give as a gift this Christmas!”

    Libidex recently launched a brand new range of latex clothing for men – LIBIDEX:MAN – which is one of the few collections of latex clothing designed exclusively for the male market. According to Simon, the idea was to get away from the ‘black T-Shirt and Shorts’ approach to male latex fashion. ‘We’ve got a huge selection of different styles and looks – everything from a full coat and tails to more overtly sexy skirts, kilts and aprons, not to mention of course skimpy g-strings and jock-straps. Men haven’t been very well served by latex designers in the past, and we wanted to do something that would have a wide appeal – not just to latex aficionados, but also to guys who were curious about latex and perhaps wanted to try it for the first time.”

    There’s a selection of LIBIDEX: MAN styles available in the current sale – so now’s a good time to get yourself a bargain bit of latex wear for you or your significant other!

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