Mad Bear

    Barry El Beardo hits Madrid

    Drops of sweat were running down my back and dripping right in between my butt cheeks. I felt sweaty and dirty which was making me horny. But as I stood by myself in a club in Madrid, I was getting frustrated at the lack of action happening around me. Lot’s of hot guys were walking past but no one I felt like trying to flirt with.

    My luck changed suddenly and I noticed a large group of buff guys walking in my direction. I lifted my head slightly to check them out and noticed one of them stopped to see what I was doing on my phone. I wanted to show my interest so looked up into his dark eyes and smiled. We started chatting to me and was clearly flirting, which made me feel good. I mentioned that I hadn’t been to this club before and he grabbed my hand to lead me around giving me a tour of the darkly lit club.

    He told me the dark room is cooler than the rest of the club and even though I suspected he was lying, I followed him anyway because there were worse things than a handsome guy trying to get into your pants. We waded our way past guys who had their cocks out and were either fucking in slings or were being sucked. I could feel the heat radiating off everyone and the smell of sex filled the air. I noticed a big muscled guy sitting on a sofa stroking his thick cock with other guys watching. My new friend also noticed, I watched him get on his knees and take the thick cock into his mouth. I stood there watching, turned on at what he was doing. A few moments later, he came back to my side and I kissed him deep on his mouth in hopes of tasting the cock he just sucked.

    Again, he took me by the hand and led me further into the dark room until we reached a small cubicle where the door was closed and we were alone. We kissed passionately and deeply, making my dick twitch. It didn’t take long until I was fully hard, and I knew he could tell. Pressing up against him, he could feel it rubbing against his stomach and moved his hands to slide my shorts down. My dick poked out the side of my sweat stained jock strap and he lowered himself on to it putting it all in his mouth until his lips were around the base. With my dick wet, he turned around and bent over, guiding his hole towards my helmet. I fucked him there and then, moving around the small cubicle as much as we could, sweating even more so than I already had.

    I didn’t cum but I pulled out and left us both out of breath. I gave the group of guys who had gathered outside the door – due to his loud moaning – a smile as I followed my new friend back to the rest of the club. We kissed and told each other we would see each other later but I think we both knew that was unlikely.

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