Who’d have guessed that there were still undiscovered gems to be found in Eastern Europe! But it seems they are still out there and Staxus, one of Europe’s biggest gay adult studios, found young Sven Laarson in the Czech Republic. And what a treasure this young blond turned out to be!


    Hey Sven. Can you tell us how old you are and where you’re from.

    I’m 19 and from small town in West Czech.

    Do you currently have a boyfriend?

    No I’m single now.

    How did you get into the porn business?

    My friend did a porn shoot and said to me I should try. So I went for a casting with the director and I enjoyed it very much and wanted to do more.

    What did you do before you started working in porn?

    I was at college studying.

    Is starring in porn your main job now or do you have a day job?

    Porn is now my main job. For me the money is very good and it’s work I enjoy very much so why would I want to do anything else.

    Do your friends and family know you do porn?

    A few friends know about it but my family, NO NEVER they will kill me if they knew! (he he)

    Were you nervous filming your first scene?

    Yes, very nervous but the director was so good and made me feel really relaxed. It was also my first time wearing makeup and it was so strange, but my skin looked so good.

    Are you top, bottom or versatile?

    Versatile but I prefer to be passive. I love big cock in my arse !

    So what turns Sven Laarson on?

    Many things. I love when my cock is sucked and I love to be rimmed, especially when someone rims you very deep. Such amazing feeling… like heaven!

    What’s your favourite position?

    I think doggie because the top can get nice and deep.

    Tell us your dirtiest sexual fantasy…

    Well I’m bisexual so I think it would be really horny for me to be fucking a girl while a hung top fucks me and then for us all to cum at the same time. Would be amazing. Pleasure on my arse and my cock at the same time!!

    Who has been the most memorable scene partner you’ve worked with so far?

    Hmm this is difficult question. There are too many who I enjoyed working with so I can’t say only one. Sorry!

    If you had the chance to direct a porn scene that you were starring in, which other performers would you cast and what would happen?

    I think Orlando White and Dick Casey and Tim Walker as bottom. Tim Walker would be cute boy on his way home and the others would grab him and take him home and fuck him really hard and then double penetration with him.

    Who’s the hottest ‘top’ in the industry?

    For me Orlando White is amazing top. Such good sex with him and so professional.

    And the sexiest ‘bottom’?

    For me Tim Law. I would love to do a scene with him and fuck his cute arse. He is perfect my type of guy.

    Your latest DVD Easy Riders has just been released. What can we look forward to next?

    Lots more scenes, soon I will be in Dominican Republic filming with really hung black guys. Ouch my arse will be so sore after.

    What do you do to relax?

    I like to go to the club and get really drunk with my friends.

    Do fans recognise you in the street?

    No, not here in Czech. I don’t think many people here watch porn.

    If the world were to end tomorrow what would you rush out and do?

    Buy lots of really nice clothes so I can look good when the world ends.

    Finally Sven, describe yourself in three words.

    Crazy, sexy, cool.


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