Mobile gay chat line from QX

    Mobile gay chat line
    Chat line for your mobile

    The best mobile gay chat line in the UK

    Direct access to our chat line from your mobile

    Calls capped at 25p per minute

    Dial 84466

    Calls to 84466 cost 25p per minute. NO DIRECT ACCESS CHARGES 18+ Live calls are recorded. Service provided by EWM Ltd. Customer Service number 020 7966 0018

    Dial in to the QX mobile gay chat line directly from your mobile by using the 5 digit shortcode.

    There are no hidden extras. This is the best chat line service brought to you by QX Magazine.



    QX Magazine has been promoting gay chatlines for over 20 years so we know what we’re doing.

    We have hundreds of gay men calling in to our gay chatline every day so we are one of the busiest out there.

    Every day hundreds of gay men call in to the qx chatline to chat and flirt. They often meet up. They always have fun.

    This is a safe way to get to know other guys. You can tell a lot from how someone sounds on the phone and it’s so much easier than sending endless text messages. 

    Simply dial in to the service and decide whether you want to chat with other callers on the line in live one-to-one chat or whether you would prefer to browse the messages and see who grabs your fancy and maybe leave them a message.

    Try and leave a good description of yourself first though so that other callers can hear it and get in touch with you either by leaving a message for you in your message box or by requesting a live one-to-one chat with you while your on the line.

    This gay chatline service is easy to use and it’s fun.

    If you don’t have a mobile phone and would rather use a land line then you can still access the service.


    You can call QXChat from a landline:

    13p per minute

    Call 0871 800 0800

    18+ Calls to 0871 800 0800 cost 13p per minute plus your network’s access charge. Information is provided by QX Magazine. Help desk 020 7966 0018 Live calls recorded. SP=Euro-Worldwide Media Ltd




    Regular callers may want to use a credit card and get cheaper calls!

    If you find yourself using our chat line services a lot then you may want to consider the special offers using our freephone number with credit card service by clicking here


    All our chat line services offer live one-to-one chat with other genuine callers. The usual drill is that you call in to the service and set up your voice profile. Then you go through the messages other guys have left and reply but only if you like the sound of them. You can then check out all the other callers on the line at the same time as you and either leave them a voice message in their message box or request a one-to-one chat. Once you’re in a 1-2-1 chat you can talk about what ever you want, so don’t be shy. Check out one of our best gay chatlines for the best gay chat. 


    MEET MEN NOW! 18+

    0871 800 8000 

    Calls to this service cost 13p per minute plus your network’s access charge.

    Live calls recorded. Service Provider = EWM ltd. The helpdesk number is 0344 900 5445. 18+



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