IN the latest DVD from Fucked! we follow a group of horny young lads with raging hormones who spend their days working out in the gym, wandering the streets and hanging out in derelict buildings.

    There’s no plotline to Pumped Up. It’s a compilation of scenes showing these horny little bastards with their trackies down around their ankles, shagging the tight little arses of young lads they pick up on their travels.

    So, if you like watching sporty young lads fucking other sporty young lads then you’re going to love this DVD… we fucking well did!

    Pumped Up features a delicious feast of European twinks, the likes of Johan Volny, Jan Amron, Luke Pascoe, David Parik, Mats Riem, Adam Daniels, Kirk James, Moskito, Rodrigo, Kilek, Rado and Nikolas.