Silicone Noir Sirius Quadri-Polar Prostate Massager from Electrostim


    Although I consider myself to be well informed, having experimented with most sexual fetishes, I must admit that I’ve not had much experience with electrostimulation – also known as e-stim or electrosex.

    A couple of years ago I tried out one of ElectraStim’s Extreme Electro Butt Plugs. Called the Invader, it gave me one of the most bone-shaking orgasms ever! So I nearly bit their hand off when they asked if I’d like to try out the Sirius quadri-polar prostate massager from ElectraStim’s new Silicone Noir range, the next generation of electro sex toys.

    The new Silicone Noir toys don’t look much like traditional electrode designs. In fact, they look more like the best-selling vibrating sex toys that we know and love. However, that’s where the similarities end as Silicone Noir toys have four new electrodes with unique stimulating shapes that have been tried, tested and tweaked throughout their development.

    To power the Sirius, we used the ElectraStim Flick EM60 Electro Stimulation Pack to power the Sirius. It’s got seven stimulation settings with escalating patterns and pulsations, each operable at 24 intensity settings to suit all tastes. Plus the patent-pending ‘Flick’ feature offers rhythmic stimulation in time with your hand movements for a completely tailored electro play experience.

    So, I lubed up with a little electro-conductive gel and to my surprise the 4-inch length and 4.45-inch girth Sirius slipped in easily. I’m crediting this ease to Electrostim adding Shape and Play technology to the length. This lets you to bend the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator into the best position for you. Doing so improves contact with your most sensitive spots so you’re actually getting tailor made hands-free stimulation!

    Once inserted I switched the Sirius on, turned it up and found the throbbing setting was just like getting fucked, and fucked and fucked… And all I had to do is lie there. Outstanding!


    • Find out more at www.electrastim.co.uk

    • Next month I’ll let you know how I got on with the ElectraStim Prestige Metal Electro Cock Ring!