Regular readers of QXMEN will already be familiar with the throbbing, pulsating and orgasmic abilities of ElectraStim sex toys. For those of you who are new to getting down, dirty and electro sexy, you’re making the discovery at a great time as ElectraStim have just unveiled the Rockers – a range of three electro butt plugs designed to help you on your way to the ultimate experience of a hand-free orgasm!


    What is a Hands-Free Orgasm?

    You’re unlikely to find a definition in the Oxford Dictionary, so in case you’re not in the know – we’d better tell you. A hands-free orgasm (known as HFO) is the art of having a ball-busting solo orgasm without touching yourself. Sounds too good to be true, but it is possible.

    ElectraStim sex toys have long been associated with assisting men on the road to HFO thanks to their ability to make muscles clench and relax in time with stimulation.  The involuntary muscle contractions feel similar to the throbbing of orgasms, so you can fundamentally achieve that pleasure throughout the duration of your fuck fest. The movements also make internal sex toys move around, a sensation called ‘ghost fucking’ which is one of the easiest ways to cum without manually thrusting a toy.

    All you need to get started is an ElectraStim stimulator (the power and controls) and a sex toy to connect to it. ElectraStim’s rechargeable Flick stimulators start at £99 and once you have one, you can connect any of their electro sex toys to it.

    ElectraStim Rockers

    The ElectraStim Rockers are the brainchild of ElectraStim director Andy Smith, who’s been making electro sex toys for over 14 years. During that time, Andy’s brought pleasure to thousands of men with his downright kinky wares.  Rockers join the ElectraStim Silicone Noir sex toy range, which includes their flagship men’s toy, the Sirius prostate massager (priced £59).

    Unlike most electro sex toys, Silicone Noir toys are made from 100% medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone, which is more flexible and lightweight than the classic metal electrodes that preceded them.  The softer material feels closer to the sensations of skin-on-skin contact, so it’s easy to see why the range received ‘Best Overall Product Range’ at the Adultex Awards in Australia this year.

    Historically, electro sex toys connected to their stimulator with the connecting pins pointing outward from the base of the toy. This prevented seated sexual positions, which was sometimes frustrating. The Rockers are the first toys of their kind to solve this problem, as the name suggest, Rockers are designed for rocking! The curved base and unique connection points allow the wearer to sit, grind and gyrate without the pins getting in the way.

    How to have an HFO with Rockers

    Getting started with HFO is as simple as connecting the gear up and inserting a Rocker plug. Switch on the stimulator and select a pulsating or wavering pattern and climb the power up until you feel the tingles. Once acclimatised to the sensation, slowly push up the power until your ass muscles start to clench and relax. Sit back – and enjoy!

    With practice, many men can shoot their load with the e-stim alone. If you want more bang for your booty, the rocking base is ass-tronomically good. Grinding and gyrating increases the pressure you feel on your p-spot, taking your orgasmic ascent to 11 and giving you one of those just-fucked orgasm that so many toys can’t replicate.


    • The ElectraStim Rockers are available in Small (£49), Medium (£59) and Large (£69) and are designed for boys with intermediate to advanced anal sex toy experience. The full range of ElectraStim sex toys can be found at