Rubber Fetishism the attraction to people wearing Rubber

    Rubber Fetishism
    Rubber Fetishism

    Rubber Fetishism, as you probably know, is the attraction to people wearing clothing made of rubber/latex, or even to the garments themselves. Rubber is probably one of the most prominent kinks in fetish culture.
    It’s the first image that pops into many people’s minds upon the mention of the ‘f’ word, thanks to it’s crossover popularity in fashion and music. Stars like Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears have all donned rubber attire at some point or another for music videos and performances.

    Aside from the standard image of a dominatrix wearing a skin-tight, black catsuit, latex enthusiasts have created an entire array of garments and items to choose from; cloaks, wet suits, gas masks, splash suits, macs, hoods, aprons, boots, rubber/plastic pants, and diapers are all options in the rubber world now. Rubber fetishism is an easy fetish to get into, especially with the wealth of stockists and suppliers in the UK and online. But once you’ve got your gear, it’s important to look after it properly.

    Rubber garments are designed to stretch over your skin, but they can be damaged easily if not cared for properly. You can’t just leave it on your bedroom floor after a night out. Sweat, if left on your rubber, can damage the material over time and this means getting the cleaning process right is vital. Cleaning needs to be done as soon as you have finished wearing it. Simply fill a bowl full of lukewarm water and either use a mild soap, such as Fairy Liquid. You can also add a small amount of talcum powder to the water too which stops the rubber from sticking to itself.

    Once your outfit looks and feels clean, rinse it off in cold water ensuring all the soap is removed, otherwise your rubber will have soap stains or smears. Then shake it dry and hang it up – it should be ready to put on in no time. When you’re ready to store away your outfit, it’s good to place it in an airtight bag. Rubber reacts badly to the air and can develop bloom if exposed for extended periods of time. When you place it in the bag, roll it up, again using talcum powder as you go to prevent sticking. Finally, place the bag in a wardrobe, drawer or anywhere which is out of the sunlight. Never store your rubber when it’s still damp, as the water can cause it to rot.

    The tightness of rubber is what so many people love about it, but unfortunately this also means it isn’t the easiest material to put on and take off. Before putting on your rubber garment, cover yourself in a water-based or silicone lubricant. Pay particularly close attention to contact points, such as your shoulders, elbows, knees and hips, as these will be the most difficult areas to get your rubber over. With some outfits, you may find it easier to roll up sections like the legs and sleeves before you slip them on, much like you would with a pair of long socks. When taking off your rubber, get some help if possible. Take a warm shower and allow the water to get underneath the rubber, which will help it slide off easier. Try to ensure it finishes up inside out, as this is the best way to clean the outfit.

    Additional tips on Rubber fetishism

    • Remember: never use oil-based lubricants with rubber, as they will destroy it.
    • You should also be aware that Latex is a natural product and can set off allergic reactions – make sure you don’t have an allergy first!
    • You will sweat a lot whilst wearing rubber, which is all part of the appeal, but this does mean you should stay hydrated!

    Want some more advice for how to get into and enjoy the rubber scene? There are lots of rubber fans on the Recon app and site who will be able to give advice, so check out