Rubber, Lube & Sweat. Oh My!

    Barry El Beardo reports on his steamy antics from one of the world’s most notorious dens of debauchery – BERGHAIN… It definitely felt better than I thought it would.

    A friend had previously reminded me that it might be tight to start with and then take a few times to stretch and feel a more comfortable…but this rubber suit definitely felt slick and boosted my confidence. You see, as a thicc guy (yes, I spelt it THAT way) I didn’t want my body to be exposed for all the lumps and bumps it has. Even if the night before I was wearing only a jock and a harness. Original, right? But when I walked into Berghain for the Snax party I was ready to go crazy.

    After queuing in the cold for well over two hours, my friend and I walked in and had our tickets scanned by a hot daddy bear who gave me the eye. I felt a rush of blood to my dick. He was hot, but I knew there were more horny guys to feast my eyes on. We carried on through to the check-in area where I slipped out of my less conspicuous attire to reveal my glistening rubber suit. I felt good. I felt sexy. I felt desirable.

    As I strolled through a play area, I glimpsed a guy in a sling with his legs wide open so that I could look deep into his cavernous arsehole. It made me super happy and glad to be back. This wasn’t my first time at Snax. I’d been there before and I absolutely loved it. There was something amazing about being in such a free and open environment where horny guys fuck the first person they see.

    I just wish I could have been so open. Whether I’m sober or not, I always stop short of doing what I REALLY want to do and how I REALLY want to act. Guys have told me that they like my burly beary build and think I’m an attractive guy but I don’t always share their enthusiasm. Unless you actually believe it yourself, you can say goodbye to confidence. I don’t ever think I’ll be that person who would go up to a guy, stick my tongue in his mouth, spin him around and fuck him in the arse there and then. I’m very aware of my actions and don’t want to put pressure on someone that doesn’t want it from me. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun that night!

    I could feel the sweat running down my head as I carried on through the club in my rubber suit. Lube dribbled down my thick hairy legs –  (the joys of how to get into rubber when you’re hairy) but I didn’t care. It just made feel hornier.

    Later we caught up with some friends who were also visiting Berlin for the weekend. It was their first time in Berghain, and they were exhilarated to be there, clad in their low-cut singlets which allowed me to perv on their deliciously buff bodies. That’s the good thing about having very fit friends – you can perv on them and admire and touch their bodies but you all know it’s just a laugh.

    There are so few places where you can truly feel at ease and not give a shit about what people think about you. More than that, watching all these fit guys bucking and sucking and all sorts of kinkiness is a total turn on. Even seeing a guy in a nappy filled me with admiration, even though the fetish doesn’t turn me on. 

    I bumped into some guys I had met the night before at a different club. One of them I knew through porn. I told him I knew him…what I actually meant was I’d wanked to videos and pics of him for years. He was with his boyfriend – both super nice guys, which surprised me as you’d expect a porn star could be a wanker as he has the power to talk to and to fuck whoever he chooses. So when this tattooed stud started chatting to me, looking me in the eye I felt good about myself. They introduced me to some of their friends, a mix of muscle guys and smaller ones – all hot in their own way. As the night progressed I kissed a few of them deeply and had definitely a lot of fun.

    While my porn star mate was getting fucked hard by one of the guys we had been with, I chatted to his boyfriend. I wanted to kiss him, but I just didn’t have the balls to do it. Eventually, everyone wanted to go dance so I decided to track down my Serb pal and the others as I knew dancing in that sweltering room would make me sweat and drip like a cunt. 

    It’s probably safe to say that majority of people will not have full memory of what happened that night. My memories are vague, but then out of the blue I’ll get a sudden flashback or my mates will remind me of something that happened in that dark hot sweaty mess.  It is always kind of fun when that happens as it can come from nowhere and it’s like discovering a lost item, you’re happy to see it.

    Getting frustrated with the heat and swell of the crowds, I stood near one of the check in stations where the air was cooler and watched my mates dancing and fucking. It may not have ended up being the crazy night I wanted but it was a fun night where I got to see lots of guys enjoying themselves in an environment that isn’t available for many. And for all its grittiness, Snax and Berghain will always be a space that makes us feel safe. THAT’S why I love it.

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