Sam Syron

    Sam Syron is a man with a plan! He’s in charge of lots of dildos and cockrings and things at Old Compton Street’s well-known salacious corner shop, Fifty & Dean. Well, we say corner shop. It is, technically, on a corner, but it doesn’t sell crisps. It’s a sex and fetish shop, in case you hadn’t clocked that already. Sam’s got a soft Irish voice and a hard Irish penis – a winning combination! He’s also got a knack for selling fetish stuff to those who want it, and has lots of ideas on how best to do that. He told us all about the grand changes he’s got planned for one of Central London’s best known adult shops.

    HEY SAM! So tell us about Fifty & Dean’s rebrand!

    HEY QX! So Fifty & Dean is rebranding because we’ve had a bit of a confusing identity over the years, I’ve been working to change that into a more focused fetish identity and I think it’s time we relaunch ourselves as the fetish store in Soho.

    What changes are you making to the shop?

    Well, as I mentioned already we’re focusing more on Fetish. Prowler is the best at what it does so there’s no need for us to compete. We’ll just go in a different direction and offer customers something they don’t and likewise they will have products on offer that we don’t, the vision is to have the two Prowler Stores offering everything you could possibly want.

    And the name obvs has something to do with Prowler, tell us about that.

    Well yes, to avoid any confusion let me clear this up. Prowler and Fifty & Dean became the same company a little under two years ago. And it just makes more sense to have the brand simplified. Prowler and Prowler RED. They will still do what they do best and so will we. While I’m here did you know Prowler and Fifty & Dean both have great sales on at the minute? #plug

    What kind of stock will you have?

    Mister B Amsterdam, AD Fetish, Maskulo, Bleachers and Co., Crackstuffers, Mr Hankey’s Toys to name a few. But realistically if I was to name every brand we carry you’d need another page. Easiest way is to come in July 2nd and check it out.

    Will you sell actual stocks?

    Don’t be ridiculous. Of course we will.

    What’s your fetish product of choice?

    I mean…it’s no secret that I like a big anal toy. And if it WAS a secret, now you know. But I’m also really into my leather, Skinhead gear…did I mention I like big anal toys? Can I say anal? 

    Why and when did you first get into the fetish world?

    I actually worked as a manager in a large supermarket, that will remain nameless, called Tesco, for many years. But then one day, I realised I hated working in a supermarket and I quit. I started in Fifty & Dean as a sales advisor and started doing porn. From there, I got more and more into fetish and before you know it you’re starring in World Series of Fisting for Falcon and you’re sitting on a foot. True story, look it up. 

    AND FINALLY…Cum in their mouth or cum in their arse?

    Ass, then they can have whatever is left in their mouth.

    Fifty & Dean reopens as Prowler Red on 2nd July.