San Fran Nights

    Barry El Beardo gets steamy in The Golden City

    My trip up until now had been fun. I’ve been to San Francisco a few times and always find new things to do as well as revisit experiences I’ve done before. The city has so much to offer that if you accept it with open arms, you will have a life changing experience; I genuinely believe this. So far, I had been kissing lots of handsome bearded men, hung out in some bars and even went to a baseball game. But none of that compares to the unexpected fun I can look forward to when I go into one of the city’s many sex/fetish shops.

    Last time I was there I purchased a harness – another exhilarating experience as a young guy fitted me and took my measurements in order to adjust the harness to my stocky, meaty body. I remember feeling a thrill when his hands gently brushed against my furry chest and back, making me shiver in anticipation. I hadn’t had someone touch me like this in a shop before and my skin trembled with excitement. But that was as far as it had gone that time, even though I really wanted his hands caressing my body and ending in at least a blowjob.

    I didn’t really know what I was looking for when I entered the shop this time round. I just knew I wanted to look around and be assisted by a store clerk. The glass counter displaying the shops array of cock rings did not disappoint either. A young, scruffy but cute guy asked if I wanted to see anything. I pointed out a black rubbery cock ring which had three entry points, meaning you could separate your balls from your shaft giving that hard, pumped look I really wanted. The scruffy clerk demonstrated the best way to get the Tri Sport one on, stretching apart to put your balls through the first section then feeding through your shaft into the other section and pushing it down to the base. I knew it would be tricky for me as I’m so hairy, I didn’t want to cause myself that pain, especially around my groin. He led me to the changing room area, pulled open the curtain and ushered me in where he pointed to hand sanitiser on the wall and some lube on a small shelf perched up on the wall. I told myself to not to get those mixed up!

    I was struggling to get the cock ring down to the base of my dick. He pulled the curtain open and came right in, which only encouraged my dick to get harder. He didn’t seem to mind. He grabbed some lube and helped himself to my body. I could feel my face warming up but I knew this is what I wanted to happen, even if I was going to get red faced and shy about it, I wanted him fitting this cock ring on me.

    He slid it down to the base of my dick, which was now fully hard and he gave it a little squeeze, which only made it throb more. I let out a small moan because it felt so fucking good. He turned me around to face the full-length mirror and he asked if it looked/felt better. I agreed that I thought it did and noticed him standing there, admiring his handy work. He then made an excuse and left but said he would be back shortly.

    I looked in the mirror and ran my hand over my nipples, give them a soft pinch then moved on down past my belly and onto my dick. Suddenly I could hear someone in the next changing room next to me.

    It must’ve been another guy; I could hear his deep breathing and when he cleared his throat he sounded burly. I stroked my cock faster, my grip tightening knowing that there was only one thin piece of wood separating us. I was panting, he must’ve heard, there was no way he didn’t. I wanted him to know that there was someone in here doing something they probably shouldn’t be doing.

    Time passed, I’m not sure how long but I started to doubt whether or not he would return. It must’ve been a good 30 minutes later and I will still there, naked with a slight glisten from sweat I had started to work up. I squirted some lube into my hand and continued working on myself. And then it happened, I clenched one too many times and could feel my load getting ready to shoot. Panting heavily, I ushered my way over to the mirror but not too closely and watched as I pumped out several streams of semen over the floor. My body was trembling and flinching whilst the sensation was intense and forceful. I couldn’t believe what I’d done.

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