Summer is Sexy and so Are You!

    Supreme sexual explorer David Luca talks beaches, hot sex and gay speedo’s this August

    Sweaty back patches, mosquitos, beetroot red bald heads and love handles waddling down South Bank – August in London is pretty special. It’s officially the height of holiday season. With Pride out of the way, most of us queers are thinking  about our second little international holiday before temperatures drop back to shit – unless you don’t have a sugar daddy or work anywhere other than a bank in which case you’re probably thinking about that day trip to Brighton two Saturdays from now.

    The month of August means two things. Hot sex (literally) and the beach. I’m not sure if it’s the tanned men playing topless frisbee in the park or the 25+ degree heat but there is something about August that makes my hole hungry and my dick hard. But, when I’m not thinking about sex I’m thinking about the beach. Cheeky Cornettoes, cold cans of Coke and a sneaky perv on the lads playing volleyball (look at me back to sex again.)

    I haven’t always been such a beach babe though. For many of us, getting our tops off in public wasn’t much fun growing up. *insert flashback to P.E. changing rooms* My family days on the beach were spent wearing long swimming trunks and baggy black t-shirts that I didn’t take off. Emo chic am I right? Yes, yes, I did have that fringe you’re all picturing right now. It was actually a pretty long time before I felt comfortable enough to not only take my top off on the beach (at age 22) but also to wear my first gay brand Speedo (at age 24!) *pauses for congratulations* My journey to my miraculous gay speedo moment was a long one. For me it wasn’t necessarily about weight loss or hitting the gym. My change came from within. It also came about through sex.

    The 60s were the beginning of the ‘Free Love’ movement. The pill championed the emancipation of women, the female orgasm was being talked about and the oppressive sexist shackles of marriage were being torn off young men and women to make way for a world of orgies and casual dating. And what about us? Well here we are today over 50 years later in the first throes of our own movement. ‘Sex Positivity.’ What is sex positivity? It’s a movement promoting sexual expression and sexual freedom. Its core value is that all consensual sex is fundamentally healthy and positive. It encourages exploration, acceptance and enjoyment of sex.

    Sadly, this movement is being challenged by increased online censorship from American big tech companies who are influenced by American religious standards. Luckily for me, this censorship came too late to stop this slut (and proud! GO SEX POSITIVITY!) from being brainwashed into hiding or feeling ashamed of his sexuality. This way of thinking was what helped that alternative little queer boy discover his own power and his own strength. I went from being bullied and feeling outcast and ashamed of myself to embracing my queer identity, embracing sexuality and more importantly empowering myself through sex.

    So whether you, my sexy reader (and you are sexy,) have already had your summer speedo epiphany, whether you’ve never needed it, or whether you’re yet to have it, I want you to try to take on some of the principles of sex positivity this summer, before you go away on your holiday.

    If you’re lacking body confidence, remember you’re sexy. If you’re feeling ashamed of what you got up to over Pride, remember sex is joyous and that all consensual sex is to be celebrated. Even if you’re not feeling sexual then you can celebrate that too. The freedom to be yourself, to feel pleasure and not to put yourself down IS your theme for the summer. So get on that beach and flaunt what you’ve got!

    Lots of Love,

    David Luca x