The Boiler Room Sauna

    The Boiler Room Saunas , based in Sheffield and Hove, are some of the most alluring and well-run venues in the country. With a whole host of new events launching at each branch, we caught up with owner Adam to find out more.

    Tell us about the Boiler Room

    You cannot escape the friendliness of our saunas. We pride ourselves in everything we do, with a welcome smile as you arrive, helpful staff, and a welcoming, chatty crowd in the lounge.

    Tell us a bit about each venue

    While both venues are intrinsically the same with regards to facilities, Sheffield is larger and more spaced out. Both attract similar customers and numbers, and no matter what time you go, there’s typically always something worth going for.

    You’re home to the Cum Union parties, how did that come to be?

    This 3 year long, and very well established, and well attended party was borne from our request to host similar parties to theirs in the UK, resulting in me becoming the sole promoter for CumUnion in the UK.

    What’s the difference between Cum Union Black and Cum Union Bare?

    :BLACK is essentially a blackout party. Lighting is at the bare minimum, to create a sleazy and anonymous feel where :BARE is simply a naked party, where the lighting is normal, but the music again is more club level at both parties. There’s a “buzz” at the CumUnion party nights the really heightens the sexual mood, making them one of the best parties in the UK, and consistently growing in attendance.

    You’ve got some new events starting in May, like Pissladz. Tell us about that?

    PissLadz grew steadily in Sheffield to become the party it is today. Fairly well attended, but with more interaction between guests than our regular sauna hours. Several wrestling mats with inflated borders are placed around the cruise floor, often with guys on their knees just waiting. You can’t describe how liberating it feels to just let out a huge stream all over two guys kissing and rolling around in piss!  My favourite aspect of this party is the dress code. Wear anything you like, from nothing, or just a towel, to jocks, or even full chav gear, and get soaked, head to foot.

    And Obedient?

    This is a quarterly party that fills the 5th Friday of any month that has one. And because it’s 3 months apart, it makes for a focused event, with guys going out of their way to attend. Any Fetish gear is allowed and we actively encourage guys to bring a sub or pup, and to not be shy, and do their own thing.

    What are you regular weekly features?

    Both our saunas hold naked days on Tue/Wed/Sat, all day. These are typically our busiest days. Guys often say they would feel self conscious because of their dick size on naked days, having no option to cover it up. But I say no, it’s the best day for guys like that because the naked day crowd don’t judge. Everyone should feel comfortable on naked days.

    Favourite things about both venues?

    For Hove it’s cosy feeling in the lounge and the buzz and the chatter during the day, punctuated occasionally by the loud and proud man noises that result from some guy being fucked senseless in the room above, which never escapes the attention of those in the lounge.  For Sheffield, it has to be the gloryholes. An amalgamation of ideas and concepts used in several other saunas with some added touches from myself, such as hand-holes to hold onto at the top of the wall, which most saunas fail to use

    Finally, what do you enjoy most about running Boiler Room Saunas?

    I’m often asked if I “get off” seeing sex around me all day. After shooting porn and running saunas for over 18 years, you “tune it out” and it really doesn’t get you like that. But I do feel a huge sense of pride, providing a facility which gives pleasure to our guests, offering them a space to play legally, safely, but above all discreetly, where they truly can be themselves in a relaxed environment, without being judged. Almost every day I’m greeted with praise from a customer, which makes all the hard work so much more worthwhile. Thanks guys. Keep cumming !!

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