By Steve Parker

    The Daddy. The man associated with strength, with experience and with the dominating attitude so many young guys crave. He is your daddy, your lover and he is going to bend you – literally – to his will.

    That’s if you want that that sort of thing. The rise of the Daddy is not new, but to every new generation of gay and even bisexual men, the Daddy is the one thing they often talk about trying. Daddy is here now and daddy is here to stay!

    They call it the Alpha Male Syndrome referring to the dominance of the pack leader, the one we respect, even fear, the leader and top dog. There’s nothing like being fucked by the power exuded by these men.

    This is the sexual excitement many of us crave. It can be smooth and sexy, those powerful hands sliding up and down your torso and making you tingle, but it can also be one rough fuck – dominated physically and mentally by your Daddy. Many will try and it and then move on, but an increasing number of younger guys seem to be buzzed by the idea of riding with Daddy.


    The Daddy has been around since before the Romans slipped off their togas and followed the Greeks into male dominated sexual pleasure. Literature is stuffed full of top dogs and powerful male figures and the boys have always loved them. Intergenerational sex is the real litmus test of the rise of the Daddy and while it’s never been away, it does seem to have made reappearance in the past decade. High definition porn makes us see the Daddy for what he is and we love it.

    It’s not all about younger guys submitting to a powerful and imposing daddy. Daddies also like to get fucked and America seems to be the spiritual home of the 40 plus daddy sucking 30 year old cock and moaning like a twinkie bitch!  But the real daddy, the one we find more exciting is the intergenerational sex master, the Daddy with the hairy chest, stubble and powerful physique.

    Talk to guys in their late teens and early 20s about Daddy sex and they might blush to hide the thought, but that bulge in the jeans says otherwise. In that period between riding with a powerful man and then staying as a bottom or moving towards versatility, we can still love the feel of dominance engendered by our daddy. For the gay porn lover it is also one of the most powerful and erotic images.

    There he is, the 18, 19 or 20 year old, naked, smooth, toned and shaking with excitement, eyes glazed with undisguised lust. He’s doggy and staring right at the camera, edgy and pressing hard down into the bed waiting for his Daddy to mount him. It’s the look in the eyes, the contortion of the head, looking back, tongue moving and waiting for the hairy man to ride his ass.

    This is the Daddy in action – physically bigger, hairy and muscled, sexually aggressive and with hands big enough to hold onto his boy’s waist when he rides. His boy feels his hairy chest and abs sliding over the top of his tingling, smooth ass cheeks before daddy’s anal invader claims its territory and begins its ride.

    Inches taller, wider, more muscular and aggressive, almost completely covering and hiding his boy when fucking doggy, the daddy figure that will take his pleasure before yours and expect you to offer your ass, mouth and mind to him. Even if you’re not into daddies, the idea of submitting to an older man can do wonders for your libido.

    You don’t have to be a teen or a twink to enjoy the daddy experience. Since the emergence of ‘bears’ as gay figures in the late 1980s, older and hairy figures have been considered hot and horny. Bear nights at the sauna have become big business and there’s always that phrase suggesting the nights are also for ‘their admirers.’ There are plenty of them.

    Clubs like XXL and at times The Hoist are celebrations of the bears who are really daddies to a new generation. This new generation of gay young men are discovering the joys of the Daddy, but let’s not forget the middle ages.

    There are more 25-30 year olds that hunt for their daddies and Gaydar, Fitlads, Adam4Adam and Recon are awash with daddies and their eager admirers. You may be in your 40s or 50s and wondering if you’re going to be accepted at the door of FIRE, Fitladz or even KU Bar.

    The answer is yes and with some enthusiasm. Ignore the twinkies in pink vests who are so sweet they are almost bursting with feminine charm and concentrate on the hard bodied, fit, determined and savvy lads. They swagger and strut with that newly found confidence. They know what they want and fuck you if you think you’re going to take it from them. Then when the Daddy walks into the room they find their knees a little weaker and their resistance melting away.

    He is here and Daddy is the one they want and the only time they’ll be busting a load tonight will be with and for Daddy!