CloneZone’s Topher Taylor road tests the Sparta, the latest prostate massager from Nexus.


    I have recently been introduced to the newest toy in the award-winning Nexus’ range of Prostate Toys – The Sparta. I was lucky enough to get sent one before its official release in mid-November. This brand new prostate massager boasts the ability to massage your P-Spot directly with a unique ‘come hither’ motion delivered by an independent nodule in the head of its tapered shaft.

    The first thing I noticed when I held the Sparta was the texture of the silicone used, which is silky smooth. It’s not at all heavy; in fact I was surprised by its lightness and gentle frame. The toy itself is perfectly firm. The Sparta features a control button on its base that you press to command its different massage settings (5 in total), these being; slow, medium, fast, medium pulsation and then fast pulsation.

    The Sparta is rechargeable by a magnetised disc that connects to its USB cord and can be used on your computer or USB charging block. Plus it comes in a really pretty box.

    I began by adding some of Nexus’ water based Slide lube to the Sparta’s head, full length as well as me. You can only use water-based with this toy. Insertion is relatively simple (the Sparta doesn’t boast a huge girth – 34mm across at its widest point) as it’s been designed to rest internally in the perfect spot, not stretch you.

    Holding its ‘ring’ with your index finger and lying back, you’ll find that the Sparta inserts easily. It’s curved P-Spot shape slides into place naturally and you feel it resting on the good bit… You’ll know what I mean when you feel it.

    At the base are three gently pronounced ribs that feel extra-sensitive in comparison to its smooth shaft. When Sparta was fully inserted, I switched it on.

    The ‘come hither’ motion inside of its head is instantly noticeable and goes straight to work directly on the P-Spot.  The nodule is about a centimetre tall. It’s an initial shock to the system – but in a really good way.

    If you’re someone who enjoys things in your butt, it’s hard to stay soft when this begins.

    You have different choices when you’re using the Sparta. You can lie back and let it go to work for you, OR you can do what I did: Use the ring-hole at the base to move it in-and-out an inch or so, to take advantage of those ribs on the shaft.

    The ribs spread over 1.2 inches and feel really good rubbing against the entrance to the hole. This way you’re getting the benefit of both in-and-out penetration and direct prostate massage, as your prostate spreads over a couple of inches. The Sparta can be used hands-free, it doesn’t ‘push’ out like some anal toys, it ‘locks’ itself inside quite easily.

    I recommend kneeling and resting backwards on it, almost as if you were praying (actually praying is up-to-you, feel free to scream “Oh God” if your housemates aren’t home). Other good positions for this toy are lying on your back and ‘squatting’ on it, if you’re feeling fit. Changing through its five settings is one-of-the fun things with the Sparta – Nexus knows to focus on your hotspots, so you don’t get bored of one setting.

    The graduating speed options are intense and controlled by clicking the soft button on its base. My favourite setting was medium pulsation (the fourth click). Holding this same button down for a few seconds turns Sparta off.

    You don’t have to wank when using the Sparta, but I did.

    The mix of internal and external stimulation is undeniably fucking good. As with all prostate massages, your orgasm is intensified. It builds from the inside and explodes outwards. But with the added ‘come hither’ massage and ribs at the base, the Sparta stands head and shoulders above other toys I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few).

    You’ll have a hard-time keeping quiet when you cum!



    • Total length – 129mm,
    • Diameter at base – 22mm,
    • Diameter at widest point – 34mm,
    • Full width – 100mm


    • The Sparta is available to pre-order at and from Clonezone stores for £69.99. It’s expected to arrive in mid-November.