Before we’d watched this DVD we’d never heard of BelAmi’s Jack Harrer.

    However, now we have we’d agree with the film’s title and say that there really is something about Jack. Something that makes you really want to get fucked by him, really want to fuck him, or even just hang out with him and watch a movie! But just what is it that sets this 25-year-old Czech apart from the rest of BelAmi’s burgeoning stable of blond East European beauties?

    Surely it’s not just his tight tanned body that’s covered in soft downy blond hair, his pert, boyish bubble butt or even that huge, pendulous uncut cock of his that hangs from his pelvis like an extra limb? Maybe it’s the fact the he seems perfectly happy fucking or getting fucked, or is it his mischievous personality that we see in the film as he hangs out with porn star buddies Dario Dolce, Dylan Maguire, Gary Danton, Marcel Gassion and Paul Mekas?

    Whatever that special ‘something’ is that Jack Harrer’s got, we’re sure that once you’ve watched this film by Lukas Ridgeston you’ll agree that there definitely is something about Jack that makes him utterly irresistible.