23/03/2019: You want to know how our Saturday night at Trough went? Have a look at these guys. You KNOW we had a wild time at Trough. We don’t know where these hunks come from, but they somehow always turn up in huge groups every time Trough swings around! That’s one of the MANY great things about our frenetic, inherently extra city – can’t swing a Sainsburys 10p Bag For Life without knocking over three gorgeous men. Especially if you’re in that Sainsburys in Vauxhall. They’ve had more gorgeous men than you’ve had hot dinners! Anyway Trough was fab – lots of great fetishy looks, and a mixed crowd which is always fab to see at a more cruiey night. Women went to a gay cruise night and the world didn’t end – hooray! Trough’s next event is on 25th May at Corsica Studios – head to for more info.

    Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP

    Photos by Richard Holland