Cock pumps have been around since the first sex toys were invented and can provide intense and pleasurable suction that helps create meaty, hot erections and temporary penis enlargement. QXShop, the UK-based online store has a great selection of top-of-the-range cock pumps too. Take a look… 


    “The most high-tech pump on the market today… massive results!” is what the American Pumper’s Association said about the Apollo Automatic Power Pump.


    “Top of the line, fully featured… the most powerful pump we have ever tested!” High praise indeed for the Precision Pump Advanced, given by the experts at American Pumper’s Association.


    “Attention Head Pumpers… this is the real deal!” No, that wasn’t mahogany-hued antiques expert David Dickinson’s take on Precision Pump’s Head Pump. It’s what the American Pumper’s Association had to say about it.


    We couldn’t find any comments from the American Pumper’s Association about the COLT Vacuum Pump System. However, it’s considered by many to be the ultimate cock pump, and is described as being functional, sturdy and reliable for long-term use.


    And on the Precision Pump Intermediate, the American Pumper’s Association said, “Takes serious pumping to a whole new level!”


    Similarly, we failed to find any word from the American Pumper’s Association about the OptiMALE Power Pump. But coming from one of the largest sex toy companies in the world, Doc Johnson, it’s got to do the business.


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