Fetish Week London in July promises the hottest, sweatiest parties in the UK fetish calendar. From leather and rubber, skins, uniforms and trackies… So, how do you define fetish?
    QXMEN asked Philip Hamill, founder of Recon, because he should know, having started the company from scratch to find horny guys just like himself.


    “What is fetish? That’s a good question,” laughs Recon boss Philip Hamill a lean figure stretching back on a stylish leather sofa in his north London office. He’s thoughtful, pauses and then bounces forward.

    “My first answer would be fun! My second answer would be – whatever you want it to be.”

    Philip is passionate about the Recon website he built, so men into fetish could meet other men. That was in 2000, and 14 years on he has watched membership grow to almost 2 million across the globe. The sharp-minded Lancastrian-turned-Londoner saw a gap in the market and pounced. He is modest about his achievements. “I was the first member – I wanted to find horny pervs – just like me! And I still use it every day.”

    He has now literally got the world of fetish in his grasp with ever-growing options. The site now offers four languages; English, German, French, Spanish and now, hot-off-the-press QXMEN can reveal that Portuguese is about to be released. “We have thousands of Latin kinksters in Europe and South America so we introduced Portuguese based on demand,” said Philip. “There are 100 million Brazilians whose native language is Portuguese so we’re expecting a hot summer!

    “The Recon app is also in four languages and has a host of new features about to be released including friends and search options. We never stop revising or devising new ways for Reconians (that’s Philip’s name for Recon members) to hook up. We always want to be ahead of the game.

    “Recon runs fetish events around the world, and members can ‘check-in’ to let their mates know they will be in town – whether it’s Berlin, San Francisco or London, we are always connected. “Fetish Week London is the big Recon event of the year. It runs from 06 July 2014 and promises to be the best ever. The guys in the office are really excited about it. We’re flying in porn star-cum-DJ Spencer Reed for the Full Fetish Saturday night party at The Coronet, as well as Per QX and Jack Chang who are real fetish favourites. “Porn star Tyson Tyler will also be at the Saturday night party. We’ll have playrooms, live interactive performances, something for everyone – whatever their fetish. There will be parties all week, starting with a private event for Recon premium members on the opening night. Our events team will be sending personal invites from me to them shortly.

    “There’s so much going on that we’ve also created the FWL 2014 guide which will be available in bars, clubs and saunas around the world so guys can find their way around all the events from the beginning of April. It’s got exclusive interviews with Tyson and Spencer to get everyone in the mood as well as competitions! An online version will be available too.

    “Fetish can’t be defined as one thing. It’s moving, changing, evolving – like life, really. I suppose the only common denominator is, obviously, it’s for men with a horny appetite for men.”

    “When I put my gear on I’m transformed. Is fetish a fantasy? Why not? You can take on an alter ego and throw away your inhibitions. I love getting into gear, putting on a mask and walking in to an event. It excites me, I’m pumped up and ready to party! That’s why I keep pushing to keep on Recon ahead of the game. Fetishes do change, though, they’re not static. It depends on what you are too.”

    “Does that answer your question?”

    Yes, Philip, it does. Live and let live…See you in July.



    Fetish Week London 2014
    Main Events

    Sunday 6 July – Recon Premium Members Private 6 July Event @ undisclosed venue

    Tuesday 8 July – Bondage Masterclass @ The Eagle, 8 July Vauxhall. Learn the ropes… and chains, whips, hoods and gags in a Bondage Masterclass.

    Thursday 10 July – Sports Cruise Party @ The Hoist, 10 July Vauxhall. Strict dresscode. Open to all guys into sports gear.

    Friday 11 July – Soho Social @ Compton’s Bar, Soho. 11 July Social meet and greet from the Fetish Week London team

    Friday 11 July – Fetish Week Dinner @ Amalfi Restaurant, 11 July Soho. Champagne cocktails and meal in the underground private rooms at one of Soho’s most popular restaurants.

    Friday 11 July – Into The Tank @ Club65, Vauxhall. 11 July Spain’s hottest fetish, dance and cruise party. Dresscode is open to all gear.

    Saturday 12 July – Skinhead @ The Eagle, Vauxhall. Strict 12 July dresscode for all horny fuckers into Skin Gear and boots.

    Saturday 12 July – The Main Event: Full Fetish @ The 12 July Coronet, Elephant & Castle. Recon’s international dance, fetish and cruise party with an amazing line-up of international DJs with exciting, new and unique stage and interactive productions. Strict dresscode.

    Sunday 13 July – Rubber Gear party @ Union, Vauxhall. 13 July Strict dresscode for all those sleazy rubber and latex pervs.

    Sunday 13 July – Deconstruction @ The Hoist. The official 13 July closing party with London’s largest wet area. It’s a must!


    • A limited number of 99 Access All Areas Passes are available exclusively to Recon members at just £99 (value of £149) with VIP entrance and queue jump to all events. Or save money and buy a Ticket Bundle for £25, which includes entry to Full Fetish and any other party during Fetish Week London (£35 if purchased on the day with no guaranteed access). Access All Areas Passes and Ticket Bundles are only available through the Recon Store (no service charge when paying by debit card). 

    • Tickets for individual events are available from CloneZone, Expectations, Fetish Freak, Prowler, RoB (Manchester and London), 15Dean and online at Recon.com.

    And with over 2,000 guys expected at this year’s Fetish Week London, it’s recommended you book your tickets early!



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