by Robert Neilson


    The doorbell goes. It’s two guys from a gas company to quote for central heating. One of them, Tom, is a bit broader than the other, Andy, but they’re about the same height, and both are good-looking in a rugged way.

    I make them coffee and Andy starts off, measuring where the new boiler will go. When he reaches up with his measuring tape, I see a bit of his tanned back above his work trousers and the waistband of his Calvin Kleins.

    Tom and I leave him and go from room to room, with Tom measuring for the new radiators. When we get to the bathroom, he says, “Just have a quick pee, if you don’t mind,” and before I know it, he’s got the toilet lid up and his dick out. I mumble that I’ll leave him to it, but he says “No, just hang on, won’t be a minute. I’m not shy anyway.” “With a cock that size, you’ve got nothing to be shy about”, I say, but looking him in the eye so he knows I’m not checking him out. Much. “Oh, do you think so?” he replies. He unbuckles his trousers and pulls them and his EA briefs down to his knees as he’s shaking the last few drips off his dick. “Good big balls, too. Mind you, don’t get much of a chance to do much with them. Not been drained for days. Any chance…?” I don’t need much persuading. I get over and get my hand round his balls. As I fondle them his dick starts to swell. I kneel down in front of him and get his dick in my mouth. Tom puts a hand on the back of my head and strokes it gently.

    “Up here, Andy, when you’re ready,” he shouts. Then he says quietly to me, “If that’s all right with you. He’ll want to join in.” I nod, as I can’t speak with his dick down my throat. I get my hands round and caress his meaty arse and he gets some rhythm going with his hips. Andy comes in and stands for a moment, watching us, fondling his dick through the front of his work trousers. Andy comes over, lifts me up till I’m standing, and kneels down in front of me. As he’s kneeling, Tom gets his hands on my jeans. My dick is soon lunging out at them and into Andy’s waiting mouth. Tom stands behind me, arms round me, rubbing my nipples, his mouth nuzzling at my neck. I can feel his solid dick at my arse cheeks. Tom comes round and joins Andy and they take turns at my dick with their mouths, and then get on either side of the shaft. It looks well horny to look down at these two guys with their mouths on my cock. I can see their dicks between their knees: the guys are having a wank at each other’s cocks as they blow me.

    I’m greedy for their cocks again, so I take my dick away from their mouths and kneel down. They both stand up and I get a hand on Andy’s arse while I get Tom’s dick in my mouth. Tom puts a hand on Andy’s arse, too. Andy’s dick edges nearer to my mouth and I get my other hand onto Tom’s dick while I start to blow Andy. The guys stand close together and I glance up and see they are snogging. Both dicks are rock solid. Well, I’ve never tried this before, but here goes… I get them as close together as possible and get my mouth round both heads of their dicks, and stretch my mouth open as far as possible. I run my tongue over the base of their dicks. Andy’s hand is on the back of my head. Fuck, this is really hot, looking at these two guys, with their dicks crammed into my mouths, trousers round their ankles. I get a hand on my dick and wank furiously at it and in a moment I’m shooting spunk everywhere. The guys cum almost simultaneously. I take a bit of the thick, salty spunk in my mouth then get a hand on both dicks and finish them by hand, rubbing the spunk on my face.

    The guys help me clear up, even though I ask them not to, and say that when they come to fit the radiators we’ll get time for a good, long play. I can’t wait….


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