XXL Retrospective

    06/10/2018: These big bears usually only look behind them to see who’s doing the tush-pinching, but on Saturday it was a retros-bear-ctive. Taking you on a journey through thirty years of house, from back when we were tiny little baby cubs, all the way through to the daddy bears we’ve now become. It was back to the summer of ’88 for us, when the house was acid and the ‘sexiest man alive’ was JFK Jnr. He wasn’t quite beary enough for our taste, but who knows, a few burgers, bears and a year of no shaving. There was potential there… ANYWAY, back to Saturday night, thirty years later, there was NO lack of big bear energy. It was like a goldilocks wet dream, where all the bears were just right.

    Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, Southwark, SE1 9UF

    Photos by Mark Storey