How will you advertise post April 2019?

Digital Economy Act

Important News: This will affect your advertising

This April (2019) the Digital Economy Act comes in to force. We’ve written about it before, click here, but now that it’s due to be enforced we thought we would give escorts a quick reminder about how they may be affected. 
With this new legislation it will be illegal to show adult content on the web, to U.K visitors without an age identification barrier.

Failure to comply with the legislation can have serious criminal consequences. This means that anybody who views your adult content will be required to prove that they are over 18. This appliers to all your pornographic material, including the content on

From April the explicit imagery on will be behind an age identification barrier. However, it will be free to use and has been kindly provided by the people behind the family of websites.

We don’t think age identification will actually stop gay men watching porn, but it may take a little while for everybody to get used to the idea. Also, being associated with the largest group of porn sites in the world should go some way to ensuring that our readers continue to get easy access to the content that we provide!


The good news is that this legislation only applies online, QXMEN printed magazine won’t be affected at all!

So, if you want to advertise in QXMEN because you’ve got a great cock or a fabulous bubble butt and want people to see it across the UK (distributed to gay bars, clubs, saunas, and shops) then we now have a Digital Economy Act Special Offer: Three months advertising for the price of 2!
  • Print Advert: in the printed & online versions of QXMEN Magazine with free design service. 
  • Free web profile: on the website. 
  • Social media promotion: We’ll promote your profile with us, from the Twitter. 
  • Full support: Your own dedicated advertising contact, to help you get the most out of your profile & answer any questions you have. 
  • Total flexibility: Going away, or taking a break? We can update your location, or switch your advertising off. Just let us know!  Standard Print ad in QXMEN: £99 for 3 x months (usually £150)Quarter Page Print Ad in QXMEN: £159 for 3 x months (usually £240)
    Contact Russell on 020 7240 0055 ext 102, or [email protected] to reserve your space.