billy essex

    The wait is over… Here he is. Billy ‘fucking’ Essex! The prime Essex lad in all his glory.


    Billy Essex stars in his first DVD for Triga Films, aptly named This Is Billy Essex. The blue eyed, blonde super stud flexes his muscles and pounds arse like there’s no tomorrow in his debut movie. In five spunk-filled scenes Billy demonstrates he’s not just a pretty face.

    He’s also got a huge, fuck-off killer cock like a baby’s arm between his legs that seems to be permanently rock hard. Billy loves to dominate and show who’s in charge – and the lucky lads on the receiving end are always happy to submit and can’t get enough! In fact, they’re down on their knees quick as a flash and worshipping Billy’s big feet, sweaty socks and trainers and his huge gym trained body.

    Billy Essex is the top dog. He’s a hard fucker who just wants to pound a hole, and any hole will do! When his bird’s not around, Billy’s more than happy to stick his meaty cock into an unsuspecting lad’s tight arse.

    That includes the hapless plumber who calls round to fix Billy’s boiler, the dirty little scally lad that Billy grabs trying to steal out of his back yard, and the snotty ponce who’s looking to buy Billy’s motor…

    These lad all get what they’ve been craving. And that’s Billy’s big, fat straight cock up their arses… No messing.

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