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Greater London

Cor blimey, mate, The Big Smoke has all kinds of filthy fun to get involved with. Whether you’re cruising the capital for cock, or just looking for good quality fetish gear, you’ll find it here. How’s your father? Oo-err.

South East

Wanna know what’s hot down south? Check out our comprehensive listings for everything from gay sex in the Garden of England, to BDSM down in Brighton!

The Midlands

Get nasty in Nottingham, get bummed in Birmingham, get licked in, er, Lichfield? If it’s horny and happening in the Midlands, it’ll be listed here.

Wales & South West

Does the cum in Cardiff taste like the cum in the Cotswolds? Getting slutty in the South West has never been easier than with our raunchy roundup right here.

North of England

If you’ve got a hankering for peen, pet, or even just fancy a bevvie with some boss lads, the North of England has got some right crackers you should take a peek at. Wobble yer ‘ead and check out our listings.

Scotland & Northern Ireland

Whether you’re up for a wee bit of wanking or just want to enjoy the crack, er, CRAIC, you can’t go far wrong with sexy Scots and horny Irish lads. Here’s where you need to let your moose loose aboot the hoose... Donald, where’s your trousers?

Porn Reviews

MXXX Hardest Ride

Life’s pretty awesome for Tom Faulk. The carefree 24-year old spends his days drinking beer, smoking weed and going balls-to-the-wall with his motocross buddies...

The Layover

Our jet-setting playboys are here to tackle the question on every horny traveler’s mind: What should I do during my layover? You can bet...

Flip Fuck Lads

Top or Bottom? Well, if you ask the flip fuck lads of Blake Mason, they’ll say: why choose! These young studs know they can have...


Take a walk on the blind side. Deprived of sight and forced to rely on their other sexual senses, these hunks get ‘Blindfolded’ and submit...

TKO Total Knockouts

Prepare for a pounding, boys. It’s the ultimate fight, everything’s on the line and these fine athletic studs will do anything they can to finish...



Greater London

In London and want to find the nearest gay sauna? Click here and you’ll see you’re spoilt for choice…  

North of England

There’s plenty of gay saunas in the North of England. Click here for ones in Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool, Leeds and more…


Over the border in Scotland you’ll find gay saunas in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

South East of England

Here’s what you’ll find in the South East, from Maidstone down to the coastal towns of Brighton, Bournemouth and Southampton.

Wales & South West of England

If you’re in Wales or the South West of England, here’s a list of gay saunas from Bristol and Bath down to Cornwall and Torquay.


The Midlands has a fair few to choose from too, from Birmingham and Leicester to Nottingham and Derby.

Northern Ireland

And last, but by no means least, here’s what’s on offer in Northern Ireland.

Sex Circus

09/09/2017: Well, we’re not going to forget that one in a hurry! SexCircus swung back into Vauxhall with GUSTO last Saturday, bringing with them a...

Subscribe To QXMEN

If you don’t win Spot the Ball, don’t fret! You can still take out an annual subscription to QXMEN, which means you’ll never miss...

Spot The Ball

Want QXMEN shoved through your slot every month for a year? Better yet, do you want it absolutely free? Well put on your specs...


Porn4Prep are a non-profit organisation established by porn actors, offering sexual health and well-being advice for the general public by recognising porn as a...


Prowler has been one of the biggest gay lifestyle stores since 1997, selling high quality gay sex toys, gay men’s underwear, lube, condoms, cock...

London Leather Weekend

Love a bit of leather? Is leather a lifestyle for you? Then you will be in cowhide heaven between Thursday 19th October - 22nd October...

Test Yourself

National HIV testing week is coordinated by HIV Prevention England (HPE) with support and participation from organisations in the public, statutory and private sectors,...


Liberation is the flagship store for rubber innovators Libidex.The shop carries a wide range of off-the-peg clothing for women and men that’s ready to...

Got Gaydar?

Gaydar has been a global gay dating platform for over 16 years and is arguably one of the best-known in the world! Much has...

Explore your Meosexuality

MEO is one of the leading providers of erotic items (that’s probably the classiest way we could have put that). Since 1997 the Germany-based brand...

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