Sex Circus is Back in Town

Sexcircus and Hard On join forces again to create a show-stopping event, where you can find something for everyone, all under one roof. 


Hard C*ck on Cam4

A man dances in the space, a blur of rosy tissue and liquid mass sliding over shifting ground. Threads of whipped candy and shining flesh bounce and spin in the artificial luminance. A face of silver and pink, eyes bright, scanning the trembling edge of the circle for signs of joy and reconnection.


Give & Take Trilogy

The perfect couples… what they give they also take. Give and Take features the best of Bel Ami’s Flip-Flop fucks!


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Get Into the Greenhouse

Are you heading to the Greenhouse? No, we don’t mean pottering about with compost and ropey tomato plants in some Perspex equivalent of a prison cell. We’re talking about taking a trip to one of three incredible saunas in the UK, to indulge in all manner of relaxing, sensual fun. Not familiar? Well then, let […]



Calling all big tops and ringmasters, the SexCircus is back in town on Saturday 18th March!



The ultimate app and site for fetish hook-ups, Recon, has been around for a while now and in that time they’ve built a massive community of enthusiast from all corners of the globe, united in their desire for kinky sex tailored exactly to their tastes.


Mastery 3rd Birthday

21/01/2017: Hidden away, literally in the backstreets of Mile End, is a set of double doors that don’t look like much! With no sign saying what it is, no lights to guide the way and certainly no one standing outside giving you a clue what might be going on inside.


Internal Specialists

The Doctor is in, well, INside his patients. These ‘Internal Specialists’ take their work seriously, and while they’re stand-up professionals, sometimes their attractions and urges take over.


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