Skuff: Rough Trade 2

Get down and dirty again with the twisted leather men of ‘Skuff: Rough Trade part 2’. Nick Foxx directs an eight-hunk rendezvous for the climax of this all-out leather fuck-fest in the finale of this instalment of the famed Skuff series.


Pitching Tents

When a bunch of gorgeous, horny men show up in the middle of the woods, you know that they’re going to be ‘Pitching Tents.’



Step aboard the RSS ‘Destroyer,’ a warship with a full crew of thirsty seamen who must turn to each other for sexual release.


One-Man Show: The Life and Art of Bernard Perlin

A unique and strikingly detailed insight into the life of one of art’s most interesting and controversial figures.


The Hoist

03/12/2016: Hot, sweaty, and mega sexy. The hoist was on fire on Saturday night for Threesome – the clash of the kinky titans as some of the biggest names in the business came together for one epic party: Suzie (Hard On) Jamie HP (H Party Boys, Hoist Private) and the man himself Kurt (The Hoist).



02/12/2016: Get yer butt out for the ladz! Bloc Bar was buzzing for heat 3 of the Fitladz Rear of the Year competition on Friday night and the boys in Camden really brought their a-game.


Discover Your New Base

All across the north of England, Base have a number of super-sexy saunas where you can meet a diverse crowd of hot, up-fer-it men. Why not whip your kecks off, wrap yourself in a white towel and explore one of their venues? They’re cheap, clean and full of great facilities. You’re in for a treat.


Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium February 2017

If you thought that Brexit was a sign that people no longer want to be shafted in Belgium, then YOU’D BE WRONG. This coming February, get ready for the 8th annual Belgian Leather & Fetish Pride!


CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Tests… the Element MS

The ELEMENT MS ‘Masturbation Sleeve is a really futuristic looking dick toy that’s been designed by the team behind Pipedream products, ‘Sir Richards’. Not Cliff, nor Branson. I’m not a fan of the name but that’s not important.


Get Down to Regulation

Cheer up a dull January, with the latest GEAR from The KINK-MASTERS themselves, Regulation.