Take a walk on the blind side.


TKO Total Knockouts

Prepare for a pounding, boys.


Rough & Raw

Careless boy-toy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town, looking for a free smoke… but everything has a price.


Amigos Leisure

Muy caliente! Look out Leicester, things are about to get steamy! A brand new sauna is on the block and is flinging open its doors to welcome the horny lads down Leicester way.  So, here’s what the hombres can expect on their visit to Amigos.


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Fetish Week London 2017

09-16/06/2017: Last week was Fetish Week London, one of the biggest events in the European fetish social calendar!


CloneZone’s Topher Taylor’s Road Test… The Fill My Tight Ass

For this month’s column I am going to test The Great American Challenge. At 17 inches long and a circumference of 8 inches, it’s quite a hefty toy, but I thought I’d be up for it… I’m joking. That’s not happening this month.


Sex Circus

Sat 9th September 11pm-6am @ Fire


Back to Base(ment)

Manchester Pride is fast approaching, so it’s probably a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the best saunas in the city! Basement and it’s baby brother Base Manchester are two such salacious spaces. With state-of-the-art facilities, great offers and crammed full of fit crumpet, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy in either […]


Fitladz & Fitlegz

Phwoaaaarrrrr, the Fitladz are back and they’re having a right knees-up. Or more accurately, a “legs-up”, which sounds VERY promising. Say goodbye to those lame familiar ‘legless’ birthday shenanigans of yesteryear and stand well back, as FitLadz prepares to celebrates eleven years at the centre of the Vauxhall club scene.