If you’re horny and looking for a sexy guy to get with, all you have to do is open up your phone and get ‘HOOK’D!’


Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2

12 years ago…Falcon Studios released Heaven To Hell, one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time.


Bathhouse Ballers

Ever been to a bathhouse or sauna?


We’re Fetish Freaks!

Fetish Freak is one of London’s most famous and finest purveyors of pervy items and outfits. The brand is about to turn TEN YEARS OLD (that’s older than most drag queens’ lips) so we caught up with lovely owner Jonathan for a cheeky Q&A… #ffjizzpants!


CloneZone’s Topher Taylor’s Road Test… The Titus Ribbed Butt Plug

Let me begin by saying that I’ve been on a blocking spree on WhatsApp recently, have deleted all of my dating apps, and have pretty much tied myself off from any sort of dating scene.   Therefore, this has made the idea of using anal toys a little bit intimidating, as its ‘been a while’… […]


We Talk Porn Awards

We caught up with Ben from the Prowler Porn Awards, post-show, to find out how the whole shebang went!


Prowler Porn Awards

11/05/2017: The 2017 Prowler Porn Awards were a haute mess!


Hard On

20/05/2017: Filth! Absolute filth!


We Talk Fetish with Recon’s Philip Hamill


Sweatbox Soho

If you’re a gay man with a sexual appetite of any kind, then you probably know about Sweatbox. It’s the infamous gym slash sauna that’s conveniently tucked away just off of Oxford Street. In our younger days we’d try to peek into the upstairs gym area. Then they got wise and frosted the windows, HUMPH! […]